The King’s Rights

First off, let me say: Thank You. 

The Mind Of Clint has been through a few stages. From being a local thing, to random thoughts which led into constructive thinking and personal education. That, led into it being a local thing to being read all around the world to places I’ve never thought it would reach. To there, I outgrew Google’s Blogger App and made my way towards WordPress earlier this year, where I have had more outreach from readers like you. The success of The Mind Of Clint is all about you, so thank you so much for coming back day after day, post after post. 

So…why am I saying thank you? Well, I say this because The Mind Of Clint, as we know it, will cease to exist. I am shutting down all future posts, to this webpage, indefinitely.

I say “to this webpage” because my posts will now be read on the conservative opinion website:

It’s The King’s Rights where I will be a contributor for the foreseeable future. Myself and the owner are still working things through but you can read today’s post at the website linked above. I am excited about this new opportunity as I know God has a plan in store and he is working. I believe it. 

I am hoping you’ll continue to follow me and the other writers who post everything from faith, sports, national security, politics….you name it. Staying up with the latest news and information hasn’t been easier. 

So, thank you so much for the past year and a half with The Mind Of Clint. Now, it’s time to venture into the next chapter of this website. 

I can’t wait to see everybody at The King’s Rights and I can’t wait to see where we all go with it. 

-Thank You,



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