‘The Truman Show’ Effect

It’s no secret that it’s not 1776 anymore. The culture of America and the world has changed since then, even it’s laws have been lost. Many of the youth are drifting from God and the majority of them don’t even know who John Locke was. They know the flaws of capitalism, but cannot express in any sort of detail what socialism actually is. Furthermore, people young and old have grown immune to the dangers of a large, over-stretched federal government and have accepted such a fate of an American dictatorship. Writing laws by executive actions are the normality of our existence. How come more questions about our past aren’t being asked? Why are the youth not rising up against the dangers of socialism and embracing the greatest economic platform in the history of mankind: capitalism? 

If you haven’t seen the movie, ‘The Truman Show‘, I highly recommend doing so. I won’t spoil the movie, if you haven’t, but there’s a line in the movie that stuck with me, again, as I watched it last night. The line is this: 

We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented.

Imagine being a young person today. We know we live with Freedom and Liberty, but because of this, we don’t know what it’s like to not have it. We see a president who wants to create laws by executive order. If he was elected, the people must trust him to make such actions, right? They say that without any knowledge of the America Revolution or the electoral college. What about higher taxes? Higher minimum wage? The country is in debt so we must pay for it some how and we all need to live some how as well… Again, this is spoken without knowledge of a country collapsing under its own debt and without knowledge of what life was like before the minimum wage was in place. On top of this, it shows the deafness of our young people because they do not know of what Karl Marx wrote while getting drunk and skipping classes as he wrote such plans in his manifesto. 

Is it their fault? Absolutely not. When I was growing up, I had in mind that what my parents and teachers were saying was gold. When somebody told me something different, they were a “stranger” and kids don’t talk to strangers. It wasn’t until I graduated from high school when I realized FDR was a failed president who did more harm than good. Calvin Coolidge? Who’s that? Karl Marx? He was that one Russian guy, right? What’s wrong with Communism anyways-if only the rich could give me some money! Because what my teachers and parents told me was considered gold in my eyes, I never questioned the reality that surrounded me. It was what I knew. I feel a lot of people are living this way. 

It’s okay to hate on Christians like Kim Davis because work and personal life should be separate. Yet, when a football quarterback brings personal life into his work, it’s called exercising his “Constitutional Right”. What??

“Minimum wage must be higher, right? I can’t live off of what it is now.” That’s the perception, when reality would say “if minimum wage did not exist, I would get paid by my skill level within that trade”. What if the president actually did his constitutional duty? Do we even know what his job is, anymore? Just read Article II, Section II of the Constitition. It’s not that long. It will take us 60 seconds to read it. How many will turn away from this? There are 12 million (so they say) illegal aliens in this country…..it’s now the new ‘norm’. This will never go away, until we have our “awakening”. 

While watching The Truman Show, I learned a lot of us will go day to day, living life like always. We will accept the “facts” and move on. However, some may “wake up”. I hope some of us do, just as I did with FDR. I learned he wasn’t the messiah I was told he was. I began to question other topics I once regarded as gold. I began to see the dangers of the ever-expanding government and it’s reach into our everyday lives. 

It can take a simple bit on the car radio. It can take 60 seconds to read Article II, Section II in the constitution. Or even something as simple as taking a closer look at our check stub to make that lightbulb go off in our heads. 

Let us no longer accept the reality of the world presented to us but let us, rather, question and learn from the world before us. 



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