Trump Leads Clinton, But Not Because Of Hillary’s Lies

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: principle always wins. Some places will say it’s because of Hillary’s Corruption and Lies with regards to the emails but let’s put the success where it belongs. 

Last week, Trump laid out his 10 point plan on immigration, which you can read my review of it here, and the bottom line was that I thought it was good. However, my question was, when will it “expire”, as some folks say? Trump flip-flops every other day, on some issues, it seems, so this idea isn’t something from thin air. That aside, the plan was very good, in my opinion. It was a conservative stance on an issue that, outside of the wall, he has been flaky on. From a former Ted Cruz supporter, that speech was one I have been craving to hear from Trump for quite sometime. 

Is it a mystery, then, that his polls suddenly shot up above Hillary yestetday? He finally has a something he can show to the conservative base, and after blaming them for the problems we are in, he needed to do something because I feel a lot of us are conservative at heart, we just don’t know it due to news bias and what-have-you. We all want to be free. Obviously. There’s more to this “being free”, though. We all want to be safe in our home whether we are by ourselves, or with our loved ones. We all want to have a rule of law. We all want to be equal with the law. If you’re driving down the road at the same speed as everybody else, you don’t expect to get a ticket. What happens if you do get a ticket? You feel singled out. It’s not fair.  It’s no surprise, then, that Trump is labeling himself as a “Law and Order” candidate. He reconizes this “feeling” that We The People have. It’s just sad that it took him this long to capitalize on it. 

Now, he has seemed like he had the “voice of the people”, or whatever, because he doesn’t seem afraid to say swear words while on the public stage. We The People have always known that the media was biased, Trump pointed out the obvious. We always knew the second amendment meant that we have the God given right to defend ourselves, Trump just pointed that out when he introduced his second-amendment stance last year. With that, he stated Hillary want to get rid of the amendment. He didn’t need to tell us, we all knew it, but he said it because there wasn’t a public voice that would…………if you don’t count Ted Cruz.

My point is, we haven’t heard much of this “feeling” from Trump in a while. It’s what we want to hear from him. Trump is leading in the recent polls because he taking a stance with a conservative approach. He, for the first time in a while, is acting like the president this country needs. 

That being said, Hillary isn’t helping herself with her lies and corruption with the emails. Perhaps, the democrats who feel left out should look at Jill Stein?



2 thoughts on “Trump Leads Clinton, But Not Because Of Hillary’s Lies

  1. I got to your article through The King’s Rights, which I just recently was led to. By someone on twitter who is VERY anti-Trump. Do you feel this way? He referred me to the article Why We Know Vote Your Conscience Meant Never Trump, when I was questioning whether or not voting for Trump in order to vote against Hillary was the right thing to do. I’m still on the fence. I question that if I don’t vote for Trump, then that is the same as a vote for Hillary. What are your thoughts on this? Thank you,
    If my wording isn’t very eloquent, I have been up all night.


    1. Sorry…Just now getting to this. I am still anti-Trump as well. However, with him against Hillary, I would vote Trump all the way. He is not a conservative, by heart or by nature. He is a populist. We know, from history, that this will eventually lead to liberalism and socialism, if you will. He does have some conservative acts, though, but he’s doing a string showing. The recent AHCA is proof of that. That bill was going to do nothing but make the republicans fail later on and we Americans would be sticking up the financial burden. Life is always full of surprises but in a world where we could’ve had Ted Cruz, I do think we could’ve chosen better.


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