The Socialist Problem And Lazy Americans

It’s not our fault…only a little more than half of our faults. I did not vote for this president in 2008 or 2012. In 2008, I was 17 years old. In 2012, I voted for Romney, because I didn’t pay attention to the primaries as well as I should have. The people who did vote for Obama, though, were part of the problem. I say “were” because I don’t want to group the ones who don’t believe in “Yes We Can” anymore, into the same “Yes We Can” crowd that believes the Leftist Utopia will one day emerge out of the capitalist “greed”.

Here’s the fact: socialism breeds laziness. Capitalists have been saying this for what seems like forever. The proof? We actually have an argument going on in America, right now, saying there are “jobs Americans won’t do“. The left, and even some republicans, say this is why we need the illegal aliens (they say “immigrants”) in this country. If this isn’t proof enough for you, I don’t know what is. 

What about those without jobs? The ones who rely on the government to feed them with food stamps? Well, a study in 2012 says that in Obama’s first term, the amount of people relying on food stamps doubled to nearly 50 million individuals. The Americans don’t want to do work. Also, because of the socialist policies, there is no work and once people get on the welfare train, they don’t want to leave. Why don’t they want to leave? In states like Hawaii, the average welfare recipient gets paid over $60,000 per year. If that were a typical job, that would be nearly $30/hour. What kind of work can an individual just walk into that has a starting pay of $30/hour? I can’t think of any. 

Donald Trump, is being called racist for wanting to put the American first, although that can be an argument in itself, which I will discuss another day, but by placing the illegal aliens after the American people, by sending them back to their home country, that gives the American worker a slot that needs to be filled by a business. But, again, who will leave a stay at home “career” of $30/hour when they can get paid $10/hour at a local business? And you thought the surge of support of $15/hour was by coincidence? Who’s the one pushing for the pay increase? The socialist left. 

Now, I’m in favor of getting rid of the minimum wage. 

Why? Well, let’s talk about who doesn’t like the idea of getting rid of minimum wage. The reason why they don’t want to get rid of it, is because they don’t want to know what hard work is. They don’t want to know what “working for you money” actually means. When they get a job, they want to know what the set amount of work they will be payed will be. No matter how good or bad they work, they know they will be guaranteed a set amount of money for every hour they “work”. Well, what if we told them, if you were to put in a little bit of effort, you could actually make more money than your colleagues? 

If you were payed on how much your work ethic was, you would have companies fight for you. They would fight for your skill. Why? It’s because you would be making them money. If you make a company, say $30/hour, and you’re at a company that is paying you $11/hour, that other company could and would pay you more than what you are being paid now. Heck, they could pay you double and you’d still be making that company money. Imagine if that were the case?

Nope. Instead, we all want to get paid more for jobs that require little to no actual work to them. I’m sorry, but flipping burger patties is not a $15/hour job. If you expect to live on minimum wage, go out and get an education or work harder to get to that $15/hour job. 

Stop being lazy. 



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