The Trump Immigration Plan Review: Just Call Them Illegal Aliens Please

I understand the terminology because we are playing by the rules and with the language of the left, but this is Donald Trump we are talking about. He crafts his own rules, so why do we continue to call the illegal aliens that reside, illegally, in this country “immigrants”?

Yesterday, Trump gave his eagerly awaited immigration speech   

So, let’s break it down:

1: Build a Great Wall on the souther border between The USA and Mexico. 

We should’ve known. Oh, and Mexico will pay for it. It’s gonna be big (not “yuge”, just big), physical, strong and beautiful. It’s going to be build starting day one and it will have above and below ground sensors (for the tunnels) and Donald is (foolish, I think) saying that Mexico wants to help with this issue of illegals entering our country. They are the ones helping the people from Honduras and such get into this country. If they Tyrell wanted to help us, they would protect their own southern border. 

2: “Catch and Release” will end. 

The folks from Honduras and such, that make it to our country’s border illegally, will be detained and sent back to their respective countries where, frankly, they belong. 

3: “Zero tolerance for criminal aliens”. 

There’s that word. Donald mentioned that according to the government statistics, there are two million or more criminal aliens living in this country. I’m sorry, but if and alien comes here illegally, doesn’t that make you a criminal? We should have zero tolerance for every illegal alien. Either way, on day one, or the first hour, they will be gone. I don’t know how he’s going to muster up the local and state police, which he said he will work with, within the first hour of being elected, but he says he will. Is that as soon as he is done saying the oath? Usually presidents give speeches right after they take the oath…is the speech included in that “first hour”? 

Okay…I’m being picky but somebody has to have some fun with something that sounds nearly impossible, right?

Anyways, after tripling the ICE workforce, Trump says, during that busy first day, he will create a “special deportation task force” which will have the important job of departing the worst of the worst, basically. And then Donald makes a statement saying that that new force could deport Hillary Clinton. That doesn’t make sense to me…I get what’s he’s saying, but I think it’s like a joke that sounds really funny in your head, until you say it out loud and then you realize how stupid it was. His face right after that sentence was just that detailed expression. 

4: Block Funding For Sanctuary Cities

If a sanctuary city is just that, no more taxpayer money will go to them. Pretty basic. According to the Constitution, congress is the only “thing” that can create laws and rules regarding immigration. These sanctuary cities should be refunded and should be held accountable for the laws they are breaking. 

5: Cancel Unconstitutional Executive Orders and Enforce All Immigration Laws

Basically, the title of this bullet point is what it will do. Anybody who enters into this country illegally, is subject to deportation. 

6: The Suspention of Visas from countries or places where adequate screening cannot occur.  

I mean, yeah. This plan, so far seems like common sense to me. Which places does he mention? Syria and Libya were mentioned. You know, ISIS hotbeds? Hopefully the vetting process will work, which it should. It did in the past. 

7: We will order the countries in which the illegal aliens come from, to take them back. 

There actually countries, Donald said 23, that actually won’t take their criminals back after they have entered into our country illegally. Darn strait they will take them back. Where do they go if they can’t go back into their home country? Into your neighborhood. Yeah, that’s scary as all get out. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want my kids to be attacked as they play in the park or in their own backyard because of such a rule. 

8: We will complete the biometric tracking system 

The illegal aliens who have overstayed their visas, like two of the terrorists who flew the planes into the two towers on 9/11, will be tracked and deported. 

9: No more jobs and benefits for Illegal Aliens. 

E-Verify will be strengthened and expanded across the country to all businesses and those who are on welfare or abuse such laws, about 60% of illegal aliens, will be charged with “immediate removal”. 

10: Donald will reform legal immigration, to serve the American people and it’s workers. 

With the renegotiating of our trade laws and what have you, jobs will be brought back and the American worker can begin to work again…even though his tarrif plan will do more harm than good, he’s still preaching it. He mentions the immigration process will be helpful to those that seem the most likely to become self-sufficient and will contribute most to society. The amount of immigrants coming to this country, will remain constant with history. 

Ok. This Ten-Point-Plan is very good in my opinion. But, will it last? This plan comes after a week of flip-flops on this same issue. So, what should we believe? Where does Donald historically base his opinion off of? Well, we don’t know because he can’t seem to stay on focus with it. We will have to see when and as the debates come and go. 

The link is up top and I hope some of you guys followed along. I am excited by such rules because he went back to his RNC moniker: “law and order”. Will these steps pan out? Probably not. Most of these things are said to happen on day one and in hour one. So, we will see I guess but I am very weary of such a platform. It sounds good, but is it feasable? 


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