Rubio and McCain Win Primaries: What Next?

Well well well… What a victory for individuals who have done next to nothing while in office except act like a pair of conservatives when them want to get elected. 

Our beloved Constitution does not have term limits set in place for our senators. How could this be? Well, before the progressive movement ruined things a little more than 100 years ago, the people never voted on the senators. That job was held to the state legislatures. If a senator was doing a horrible job while in office, the state legislators could and would evict them from their position. What has Marco Rubio done while in office? Gang of 8? Forget about Obamacare? Yes actually, with both accounts. By doing this, he broke his oath to the American people and to the Law Of The Land. The same goes with McCain. 

No, I’m not questioning McCain’s time in war. Lets stop with this argument because it’s childish. I shouldn’t have to bring it up because it’s irrelevant but I know that some people will take this the wrong way. 

In six years, McCain and Rubio will be another failure and will once again get reelected due to the sudden conservatism that will swoop over them during the election season. Just as they did with Mitch McConnell in 2014, the people will buy into this sudden and quick awakening before being played like a fiddle. The promise of defunding Obamacare is a dream yet to be fulfilled, six years into this Marxist experiment. Yet, they own both the House and the Senate! They could get rid of it now! Why are they waiting? It’s not Obama, even though I guess that’s why they claim that’s why they are waiting. Do they need the presidency? It would not hurt but the answer is no. They seem to want it pretty bad, though. 

Why? So they can pass another $1 billion spending bill, the largest in US history? So they can ruin our grand children’s future by smothering them with debt? They said they would be conservative, while running. Yet, they act like Marxist when we want to be free thinkers and vote for somebody who will actually stand up for The Constitution. They tell us we must destroy a man who had a true platform and history of conservatism. We were told he was just a regular politician, when his history proves that statement false. While that’s a primary long passed, we are told there’s a man who will “build a wall” and we must get behind this man because he is our modern Reagan!

What’s the point of a wall if ‘they’ can come right back in?

While Trump may not like Rubio or McCain, they will still do what he says because they are spineless individuals who cave into progressive politics. Progressive politics is what Trump is. Some Trump folks reading this have already bought into the, ‘Trump is the new Reagan!’ crap. I say, Oh, really? Where does he stand on shrinking the size of government? What does he think of eminent domain? What does he think of the constitution? Where does he want Obamacare to end up? What’s his history when it comes to putting those policies into action? How has he proved himself on such issues? 

The answer: he hasn’t. 



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