Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton: Conspiracy Revealed?

People need to realize something, and I’ve thought long and hard about this. The flip-flopping on core platform issues, along with outright ignoring the conservative base of the Republican party, is not by accident. I am more certain than ever before, Donald Trump is working to get Hillary Clinton elected. 

We all remember the phone call, right? I don’t think anybody is talking about it anymore so just in case, I’ll refresh your memory: Bill Clinton and Donald Trump had a phone call and according to some reports, the election may or may not have been discussed. Well, I’m here to tell you it was discussed. They aren’t best friends or anything, so they don’t call each other often, and while they aren’t mortal enemies either, the coincidence is too easy not to brush off, which the media had pretty much done. 

Donald Trump isn’t speaking to conservatives like me, and most of you. So, is it our fault that we are starting to look to other candidates that “speak” to us? Gary Johnson is one who is now breaking double digits in electorally important states like Ohio. Why and how is this happening? It’s because conservatives have no place else to look to. I refuse to get in line and vote for Donald Trump, a la soviet style. Now, while some news outlets believe Hillary Clinton is running as a moderate Republican, make no mistake, she’s fat from it and I don’t believe many Republicans or conservatives are being fooled by it. So, it’s not Hillary growing on conservatives. Again, it’s because Donald Trump refuses to reach out towards the base that voted against him in the primary. In fact, Donald Trump’s campaign admitted that they were reaching out to Bernie supporters. Since this report, however, he fired his entire team and that’s when the immigration flip-flop happened the past week. Should we be surprised? Does a sane individual not believe the Democrats will not use the flip-flopping during the debates or the election as a whole, to their advantage? Hillary already is. Is it on purpose? If he’s trying to get Hillary elected, we know it is. 

Conservative individuals are told to get behind Trump. We must get in line or it’s a vote for Hillary. That’s what I mean when I say,a la soviet style. That being said, I can agree with such statements, but where and how is Trump speaking to people like myself? He’s not. Why would I vote for somebody when I don’t agree with them when it comes to the issues I care about? If there’s a candidate out there whole speaks to me, isn’t it my duty to spread the word on such a candidate? While I don’t endorse any candidate, I very much enjoyed Trump’s speech at the RNC and I even said I would vote for him. It was what I wanted to hear over the past year from him. It wasn’t long before he changed his stance on issues, though. As Ted Cruz said:”everything Donald Trump says comes with an expiration date“. They were right: they did tell us so…

Now, back to that phone call. 

What was missing in 2008? A third party. In the 1993 election we had a Republican president running for re-election, a Clinton, and a third party candidate. Why was the third party candidate even on that debate stage? It’s because George Bush failed to complete what was supposed to be”The third Reagan term”. He abandoned the conservative base that got him elected. The people went to seek out a candidate who, like this election, ‘spoke’ to them. Well, we all know what happened as a result: Bill Clinton got elected because George Bush ignored the conservative base. It’s not the conservatives fault Bill got elected, George Bush abandoned us and I feel Trump will lose because he has abandoned us. 

I happen to believe it’s on purpose because of a few things: Trump and the Clinton’s go way back into history. Again, while they aren’t best of friends, they aren’t mortal enemies either. However, they go back into history. Also, that phone call in May of last year: why would they call each other out of the blue like that and not have any purpose for it? Trump hasn’t donated money to them in a while, Bill hasn’t done anything for him either… it’s fishy. 

Hillary and Bill may have had a man killed a few weeks ago and there hasn’t been a word from the Trump campaign as far as I see. Or, at least not as much energy has been put into it like Trump had for Ted Cruz’s dad during the primary. Instead he decides to flip on issues like immigration.

If Donald isn’t going to play hardball, what the hell was the purpose of the hour long speech at the RNC? A lot of people watched it, and he knew it. Conservatives watched it and he spoke to us. Does he think we aren’t listening any other time? 

This won’t be last time this happens, I promise you. 

Gary Johnson will be on a debate stage, therefore further splitting the Republican vote, I promise you. 

That event will cause Hillary Clinton to become the next president of the United States, I promise you. 

It won’t be our fault, the conservatives. However, we will be blamed. We spoke out against him by voting for the other candidates during the primaries. We warned such events like flip-flopping would happen. We did our part. It’s the ignorance of the deaf Trump supporters’ fault. They chose a candidate based on lies and false premise. It’s not his fault though, he is a business man and his objective is to sell ideas to individuals. The idea of a president who could build a wall on the border was easy. 

Lastly, who can conservatives look for in the future? It should be Ted Cruz. Now, if you were Hillary and you knew who the opponent could do you most harm was, wouldn’t you want to make sure they could never run for office every again? Wouldn’t you want to make sure they had no political future? Well, Donald Trump believes Cruz doesn’t have a future in politics. He said it. When perception is reality, and Trump says it’s reality, with his supporters backing everything he says, it’s their reality as well. Perfect for Hillary Clinton, right?

What are the odds that Donald will be ‘weak’ during the debates with the first one being about a month away? I’d say pretty good. 



Ps: I’m glad to be back. Pneumonia can’t stop this guy. 🙂


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