Why I Finally Support Trump: A Letter From A Cruz Supporter

There are many issues at stake this election including the economy, the Supreme Court justice, the debt, the Constitution, the border, the military…these are just a few. The only candidate that spoke to me on these issues that I call “important” was Ted Cruz. Along with his words, there is a history of events associated with Ted Cruz that back up his brand as a true outsider of the Washington Elite.  Donald Trump? Not so much. I did make the decision, however, to support him this November. 

No, it isn’t out of rebellion against Ted Cruz because he didn’t publically endorse Trump at the convention this week. Although, his speech was what helped me get to the point where I am now. I became a true Trump fan, tonight, because of Trump’s speech in Cleveland. 

For the first time, I heard something that was different than the wall. For the first time I heard a promise to shrink government with his mentioning of simplifying the tax code. Even though he brought up his tax code proposal a long time ago, this was the first time he seemed truly passionate about it. Among other things, he spoke at length about police and security that was more than “The Wall”. He brought up the second amendment. He didn’t bring up his open carry proposal, so I’m not sure where that is still in the world of Trump but he did, however, bring up the debt, he brought up the economy, the Supreme Court Justice, the Constitution and he spoke from a mindset of We The People. He spoke about sanctuary cities. He spoke about how we are all Americans. He was speaking like a true statesman, in my opinion. It was very un-Trump like yet, he still had the same fire in his eyes about political correctness just like what I saw from that first debate, nearly a year ago. 

With all of these important issues, can we go on just his word? Trump doesn’t have the history to support his mouth like Ted Cruz does, but he spoke from the same conservative platform that made me feel that he truly believes what he is saying. His charisma is enough to make people go foolish, but last night I felt he had a foundation that was solid as a rock. If you need Ted Cruz to publically endorse Donald Trump to push you over the edge, both candidates do not need your vote. Where has the idea of thinking for yourself gone? If you are angry that Ted didn’t say those string of words the other night, honestly, leave because we are not in 4th grade..unless some of you are. Even then, if you are reading this, either the headline grabbed your attention or you are thinking for yourself. The latter is very important because when we have the media dictating our minds on issues for us, we must start to look at the big picture and realize they are full of it. The fact that we, Americans, do not need the media or the government to tell us what to do and how to do, is one of the privileges I am proud to be blessed with. Speaking of that, a promised Trump administration will bring back law and order. Finally, if the promise is fulfilled, we will get a presidency who has his feet firmly planted into the Constitution. It’s just sad that we have to go on words, when we could’ve had the history to base those words on. 

I pray for Trump. I pray for Cruz. I pray that they find peace with each other and that each can apologize for the recent history. Whatever guilt is thrown on their hearts, I pray God takes it and gives them sight for humbleness because the last thing we need is ego. Do I fault Ted for what he did? Absolutely not. I honestly don’t blame him for not publically endorsing Trump. It’s easy for a delegate to blame another when such atrocities are done to family members that were not their own. That leads me to this: may we humble ourselves and really loook at the big picture on everything. 

Which is what I’ve done.

This election cycle has been wicked, no doubt about that. I was not in the shoes of Cruz or Trump so I cannot place blame or reprieve a candidate of their actions. I can however take a man for his/her word. Last night, Trump spoke his word. If he continues to be that Trump I saw last night, a Trump who speaks on the issues and not on some stupid silly arguments like whether or not one’s father helped in assassinating JFK, I can finally get back to being behind him. 

I want to hear about the wall. I want to hear about the constitution. I want to hear about America being great again. Now, let these words bear fruit. 



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