Ted Cruz Did Not Break His Pledge To The American People

You know, there’s this thing called principle. There are choices that we have to make when it comes to beliefs that we hold in our heart. Such beliefs that an American conservative must hold include are those detailed within the Constitution: separation of powers, laws like the Bill of Rights and a belief that this nation was founded for the power to be held within the people, smaller government. Nowhere is the mention of uniting/endorsing an individual for the party’s sake. 

That’s the communist mentality of “Party Before Country”. The last time I checked, we aren’t communists. 

He did mention, a few times during his speech, that “we must work together on shared issues”. Cruz has also said this before, from what my memory believes. Why must we work together? For liberty. Since when does liberty include government subsidies for special companies like sugar? Since when does liberty include “forcing” companies like “Apple to make their products in the USA”? Since when does liberty include the right to slander an opponent in ways that included “cheating on your wife” and saying your father “was involved with Lee Harvey Oswald” or that saying Ted “holds up the Bible and lies” when Ted is a family man who even famously read Green Eggs and Ham on the senate floor for his children, a man who honors/adores his father so much I can only think of a few speeches where he didn’t mention one of his parents and a man who practically based his entire campaign around The Bible and God and prayers and speaking and praying with other God fearing people.. Heck, look where he announced his candidacy! What Trump did was get him on those three points where Cruz was branding himself, for lack of better terms. Ultimately, Trump was successful. However, it was at great cost to what I believe was Trump’s character. It was at cost to Trump’s principled beliefs. 

People are quick to be “upset” at Cruz because he “took a pledge on a debate stage” to endorse Trump. No, he didn’t but this event that is being spoken about, however, was before Trump attacked his family, his Christian beliefs and his person. That was when Trump, while leading, only had 18% in the polls. Well, Clint! He was in the lead, didn’t you know the “Summer of Trump” would’ve continued into the rest of the year? Ben Carson was at a little over 5% in that CNN poll. By November, Carson jumped to 20% and became second only until he got the same “Trump Treatment” that Ted Cruz got in April/May of this year. Polls change and there would’ve been no way to know the events that would take place in the nearly 10 months ahead, after the August, 2015 debate. 

“Ted should’ve honored his pledge to the American people”. The pledge to endorse the republican candidate. Were you watching the same debate I was? The word endorsement was never even mentioned during the moderator’s question. What was said: support.  From what I gathered, the speech that Ted Cruz gave tonight did just that. What about the GOP pledge? Well, to repeat what Trump said: “I signed a pledge, but it’s a double-edged pledge. As far as I’m concerned, they’re in default on their pledge.” I couldn’t agree more. If a member of either party breaks any contractual agreement, it becomes invalid. So, who broke it first, Ted or the GOP? I believe it’s no secret that the GOP leaders before, through and after Ted’s candidacy, hate him. I’ll leave you to decide on who broke it first, but in my opinion the “pledge” was broken by the GOP before Ted Cruz even signed the darn thing. 

So did Ted Cruz keep his “pledge to Americans”? I believe he did based on the facts I present to you tonight. Being a conservative, will I vote for Trump? At this point, I feel like Ted Cruz has publicly shown his support for Trump, without endorsing him, which Reagan famously did with the ’76 election. Also, the delegates have already voted, so there’s no real reason to do a public endorsement. With that being said, I will support Trump because he may not be the best, but he’s got Ted’s seal of approval, in my eyes. 



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