Week In Review #2: A Sad Week For Liberty

What a week it has been. We started with a nation about to blow fireworks to a nation getting over a deadly police attack in Dallas, Texas. Let’s go through each, piece by piece. 

Monday, we started with an inspirational boost about The Declaration Of Independence. How can it be inspiring, you say? Here’s the last paragraph in that post, 

I’ll leave you with this: notice the last sentence which point’s out their “firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence,”. Can you imagine such phrasing in today’s government? We try to rid ourselves of God when the founders were about to go to war with the most powerful military in the world with nothing but faith. Faith from God.

Pretty awesome if I don’t say so myself. What I wrote, was a brief history of each grievance (not every single one, but most of them) and some of them, I made relevant to today and how we are actually doing what we ran away from. Very interesting stuff. 

Next up, Tuesday. It was the day Hillary got away with the biggest scandal, some say that it was worse than Water Gate, and It was the day after Iran said it have 100,000 missiles ready to launch at Israel. I am still in shock, like many of you, who believe such actions were a mistake in the FBI’s part. I went over how James Comey was appointed by a president who believes Global Warming is a greater threat than ISIS is. Knowing that, did you expect anything different? Also, is there corruption that happened when Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton met on the tarmac?

On Wednesday, I decided to give the Bill of Rights the same treatment I gave the Declaration of Independence. I went over the the first ten amendments and showed how many of them are being infringed by our government, as we speak. So, is the Constitution too old? 

Thursday was about the second or third day, that Trump’s Jewish star was a main headline story. Seriously? After Hillary got away with one of the biggest scandals of all time? Give me a break. I had to express, along with the Jewish star, police brutality, which was also becoming a main headline story, are pointless. I said, I do not care about Trump’s Jewish star or Police brutality. The headline sounds mean, but it’s only when you go deeper into realizing it’s a red herring for something big. 

Speaking of red herrings: the Dallas, Texas shootings that killed 5 police officers were the biggest story this week, unfortunately. What happened in Dallas, I said, “What happened last night is a result of nearly eight years of socialist experiments on the citizenry.” We have gotten to a point of killing each other, American to American. We have been divided, on purpose, because we have a president following the step-by-step instructions within Alinksy’s Rules For Radicals and The Communist Manifesto. We must not give in to the media and it’s “shiny objects”. One day we are fighting for a gorilla’s right of life, another we don’t care about an alligator’s and the next we are wishing the fireworks can go off without any injuries. Seriously. We need to focus on what really matters. Yes, five police officers died from a sick individual. That didn’t stop the president from bringing up his anti-second amendment mini speech. We must be smart. I did go pretty conspiracy in this article. I do not want this site to be filled with what some people would call ‘crazy’ ideas. I want something substantial and something with more ‘meat on it’s bones’. This one will probably be the worst when it comes to that. 

What will next week bring? Who know. Let’s all pray it’s better than this week. 

God bless.



I’ve added all of the links in the opinion piece itself! They are all highlighted within the article. I hope you guys enjoyed today’s piece. I’ll see you throughout the day on Facebook (which you can find a like button in the menu tab up top) and on Twitter! Stay safe out there. I’ll see you guys Monday!


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