I Don’t Care About Trump’s Jewish Star Or Police Brutality

Honestly, either should you. I don’t care about the police brutality either. There hasn’t been a police brutality story in months. Low and behold, they are all over the place hours after Hillary gets away from the biggest and most important scandals this Republic has ever seen. 

The American people are like folks with ADHD. I don’t mean that be rude, I mean, we are angry at one thing and then, ‘ooh! Shiny!’. National Debt? Ebola? Confederate flag? ISIS? What about that poor gorilla from a few weeks ago or those whales at SeaWorld? See what I mean? The left controls the media so how convenient in a time like this where people are fed up with the emails and now police brutality is everywhere now. Well, this time I’m not buying it and either should you. 

Police brutality is nothing but communist propaganda at this point. It’s the same when it comes to any other big government organization. History proves my point. Schools are bad so we need a national school administration. The healthcare in this country is bad, so the government steps in and becomes part of the private sector, or destroying what what left of it. Now it’s ‘the police are bad, the whole justice system is bad. We need a Federal police administration.’ It’s funny how they say the whole justice system is rigged, it needs to have sweeping reform according to Obama. How about with your friend Hillary? If it is a rigged system, why doesn’t it apply to her?

Is police brutality a bad thing? Any kind of brutality is bad. What about black on black crime? I could link a story but just type that in and you’ll find it’s more common that “police brutality”. That’s the real problem, but again, Obama has an agenda to separate American to American. The objective is to divide people. I believe, for a while we were starting to think, ‘you know…this Hillary situation looks fishy..’ Both Democrats and Republicans alike. After all, Trump and Clinton are closer than ever before. Now, we are back to being divided again. Within a 24 hour period! How convenient. 

How convenient it is after Bill and Loretta met on the same Tarmac. What did they talk about? One buddy helped another buddy, I’m sure if it. What did Loretta lynch get in return? What if this is the return back to the Clintons? I say that because Lynch served the Clintons as a litigation partner for eight years and Bill, then president, nominated Lynch for the first of her two terms as U.S. attorney in New York. That was Loretta’s back scratched so I believe Bill and Loretta met on the tarmac because it was time for her to scratch Bill’s back. Is it kind of conspiracy? Definitely. Honestly, it will always be until hard evidence comes out and until then, we will never know now. The case is closed. It’s over. She broke the law but it’s not that big of a deal. I could go into detail on the law side of things, 

but Constitutional Scholar, Mark Levin did a fantastic job going into detail about the Espionage Act

Don’t give into the media’s false scandals of Trump’s anti-Semitic star and don’t give into this police brutality again. The timing is too convenient. We must press this Hillary email stuff because the rule of law has been broken like never before. 



I’ve added all of the links in the opinion piece itself! They are all highlighted within the article. I hope you guys enjoyed today’s piece. I’ll see you throughout the day on Facebook and on Twitter!


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