Is The Constitution Too Old? If So, Is It Really A Bad Thing?

If the liberals could open their eyes…

The republicans say our constitution is being torn in to pieces, and the liberals say it’s not. Those same liberals also believe it’s “too old” and it’s time for a change. That’s like saying you love grandmas chocolate pie recipe but it’s too old so it needs to be changed. Except, the change isn’t something minor like some extra sugar or less salt. The change is transforming it into something unrecognizable. How can you be in favor of both?

The chocolate pie is good for many reasons. It takes us back to our childhood. We have safety and comfort in it. It’s more than just a recognizable delicacy, it’s so engrained in our lives, it’s a way of life. The recipe is very important. It doesn’t say to add lemons, so we shouldn’t add lemons. It does say to add flour but only a special amount. These are rules that we, the cook, has to do. They aren’t there for the heck of it, it’s there because our grandma knew that this was the best way to make it. If it’s too much salt, it will become bitter. If there’s not enough sugar, it will become bitter. There a reason why the list is there and it’s from the human experience. 

Ok. I’m done talking about food, for now. Our constitution has gotten so far away from it’s original recipe and the left doesn’t care. Why? The roots of the left are based off of nothing but what’s in the mind. The refusal to look at history when such ideas have failed is foolish and ignorant. I don’t say that to be mean but I say that because we, as humans, like to be right on stuff. When somebody tells us that we are wrong, most of us become defensive. We are too ignorant to think that maybe somebody else could be right. Sometimes we must swallow our pride and accept such reality. Except, the left doesn’t think like that. It’s their way or the highway. 

When it comes to ISIS, it’s the fault of America because we occupy other countries. Obama said this. In an attempt to act strong, weakness is shown because of the inability to fully understand the enemy. The enemy isn’t ISIS. The enemy isn’t Russia or China, it’s you and I. It’s us. It’s our fault because a huge majority of us refuse to let go of our second amendment. A huge majority of us refuse to let go of our first amendment. We refuse to let go of this old recipe grandma gave us because for as long as we continue to hold it, Obama can’t change the recipe. He may be able to add little ingredients here or there. He may be able to add or change it to a strawberry-chocolate pie but for as long as we hold on tight, he can’t do anything until he takes it from our bare hands. 

I believe that point is coming. 

The first amendment: This is one of the many news articles about religious freedom

The second amendment: We already know that they don’t want want body to have a gun

The third amendment: I’m sure in-home soldiers will be soon

The fourth amendment: I’m sure that will be happening soon. I couldn’t remember if any situations like that has happened. 

Amendments 5,6,7,8: Very interesting. I forgot all about this.

Th ninth amendment: Pretty much the gay community can deny Christians their first amendment rights

The 10th amendment: do I need to really say? EPA. Gay marriage. IRS. The school board. The FDA..think of any nationally organized “program”.

The recipe for freedom is there. We need to read it again and understand why each ingredient is in its place. Instead, we have a president who doesn’t care about this country. In fact, if there’s a problem in the world, it’s our fault. America is to blame. He is currently campaigning for a criminal, another Chicago buddy, and it will be, in effect, a third term for Obama. It must end here. It must end now. 

I ask this headline questions: Is the constitution too old? If so, is it really a bad thing? Even if grandma’s pie recipe is old, it still tastes just as sweet and delicious as ever because human experience shows us why the recipe is written the way it is. 



I’ve added all of the links in the opinion piece itself! They are all highlighted within the article. I hope you guys enjoyed today’s piece. I’ll see you throughout the day on Facebook and on Twitter!


2 thoughts on “Is The Constitution Too Old? If So, Is It Really A Bad Thing?

  1. Excellent posting. Yes it is way too old, but this is not a bad thing because it created a nation that has, until the last few decades, stood the test of time. It has allowed its citizens to express themselves freely without fear of repression, and to attain the dream of a better life if they work hard. Along the way we have realized it wasn’t perfect, (slavery, racism and the women’s right to vote), and we changed that. But now we are witness to the destruction of the very foundation that this great nation was built upon.


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