Clinton Avoids FBI Charges And Iran To Blow Up Israel

Unbelievable. Unbelievable. That’s all I can say. Unbelievable. 

Never, in American history has one individual gotten away with such treason. The FBI, today, knew classified material was sent and received to and from the private server. Yet, he does not recommend pressing charges? Even with evidence of hacking attempts? This coming from the same woman who doesn’t know what ‘wipe’ the servers means after evidence showed, just 17 months ago, showed that she did wipe the servers clean after her tenure in office. If there was nothing to hide, why attempt to get rid of it? 

James Comey. A man appointed by Obama, who said, climate change ‘poses a greater threat to our future’. My point is, he was nominated by a man who does not understand what the enemy is. He was appointed by a man who is ideologically driven, he will do anything to make sure himself and his friends are protected. Hillary, being one of his friends. James Comey is influenced by the White House. He is a puppet. In February 2015, he gave a speech regarding race between police officers and civilians. The speech consisted that the “history”, about police officers, “is not pretty”. Of course it’s not but we have moved on! When I see an African American kid dancing to music, I see a kid dancing to music. Try this one: when you’re driving in the middle of the night, and there’s somebody walking on the side of the road and they have some kind of hooded sweatshirt on, heck they don’t even need to be wearing that hooded sweatshirt, just see for yourself how disfigured it is to see what race that individual is. See for yourself, then you’ll see that this whole ‘police profiling’ crap is that: crap. 

I thought yesterday was bad…

Yesterday, I read that Iran has “more than 100,000 missiles ready to fly from Lebanon“. Where are these missiles pointed to? “All of occupied Israel”. Our ally. What’s even better, is that, ‘President Hassan Rouhani said the last year’s nuclear deal “was the cheapest way to achieve Iran’s goals and interests.”’ The same nuclear deal that was illegal in the first place due to the Treaty Claus in the Constitution, the same deal that Benjamin Netanyahu urged was a bad deal in front of the US Congress in the hopes it would collect world-wide attention. I urge everybody to watch that speech again. Now, the state of Israel could be wiped off the face of this earth because our US President, Barack Obama, gave them $150 Billion to fund their pathetic excuse for a republic. 

Obama gave money to Iran and now it’s ready to make Israel a thing of the past. 

Obama elected his Chicago friends and now a criminal, with no passion for this country whatsoever, will become the nominee for president of the United States. 

After Israel is gone, who do you think is next?



I’ve added all of the links in the opinion piece itself! They are all highlighted within the article. I hope you guys enjoyed today’s piece. I’ll see you throughout the day on Facebook (which you can find a like button in the menu tab up top) and on Twitter! Happy 4th of July. Stay safe out there.


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