Week In Review #1: I Leave For One Day And This Happens?

That will teach me for being sick yesterday, man. Just about everything happened yesterday. Also, I thought it would be fun to give a quick rundown of what happened this week. Each week is always filled with excitement, unfortunately, but we must never forget these events because the media will want to push by them as soon as they can. Here’s a quick run down on things…

Apparently, an illegal alien shot and killed three people in Oregon June 27th. Ok, this didn’t happen yesterday, but the information that he was deported six (6) times since 2003 and most recently, 2013. I wonder if Obama’s immigration idea helped this terrible incident? After all, he gave his illegal plan publicity in late 2014. Wasn’t there some kind of mentioning of “if you’re here for ‘X’ amount of years, you can stay? Either way, bottom line: she should’ve been banned from this country and thrown in prison after the first time.

Remember the Boston Marathon Bombing? How about Al Qaeda? Well, the latter issued a statement about the guy who was a part in the former. We all remember that the Boston bomber was sentenced to death a little more than a year ago, right? Well, Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri created an hour long video that stated they they would attack us if he is put to death. I wonder what Obama will do? No, forget that. We all know what he would do so let’s focus on the future: Trump or whoever else may win. What would a President Trump do with a threat like that? Honestly, I don’t know. Hillary? She may bomb them because she voted for the Iraq War back in 2002. What’s to stop her this time? Haha..okay. Never mind. That will never happen. With the defunding of the military she would do, there is no way we could do anything with a few paper airplanes and some rubber bands. 

We all know about Hillary’s email scandal. Well, her perverted husband, Bill met with Loretta Lynch in what was so casual because they just so happend to “realize they were on the same tarmac.” Give me a break CNN. The info has come out that Hillary did in fact break laws and will probably be indicted. In fact, Loretta Lynch may have to do just that even thought it goes against the communist code of ethics: party before country. Good. I hope she gets fired for being a right hand to Obama. She had done nothing positive for this country. I wrote about that last week after the Orlando Terroist Attack the other week. You can read why I called for Loretta Lynch to resign, HERE. Obama is calling for a hold on The Clinton Foundation emails until 2018. Why? What’s in those emails and why does Obama want to keep them hidden? I implore you to read the Brietbart Post. I can’t imagine the political slaughter there would be if a republican was doing this. 

The Banghazi Report was released this week. You can read my opinion of it, HERE. Hillary, again, denied any wrong doing…she is 100% full of crap. No need for me to go any more into detail than I already have. 

Finally, another Terrorist Attack happened in Bangladesh. Why is this happening? I’ll tell you why: because the world does not have a clear leader. To the folks saying we need to stay out of other people’s affairs: this is what happens. There is a world war going on. Staying out of people’s affairs didn’t do us any good before the attack on Pearl Harbor, did it? How about before 9/11? It never works and it never will work. We have world chaos going on because we aren’t doing anything about it. In fact, the democrats are so worried about killing civilians that we cannot operate properly. The terrorists hide in major populated areas. If we are so worried about not killing civilians, how will we attack ISIS leaders at all? When we bombed Japan in World War II, can you imagine if we didn’t bomb because of civilians? It’s war. We do what we must to survive. People say ‘then we are no different than ISIS if we kill civilians’. Don’t even bring that illogical sentence up. ISIS is targeting civilians, WE are not. There is a huge fundamental difference in the art of war. 

So much has happened this week…Lord knows what can happen the next. Let’s hope it goes well for us, and let’s hope it’s hell for our enemies. 

What, I can dream every now and then, can’t I?




I’ve added all of the links in the opinion piece itself! They are all highlighted within the article. I hope you guys enjoyed today’s piece. I’ll see you Monday, or throughout the day on Facebook (which you can find a like button in the menu tab up top) and on Twitter!


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