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Why I Finally Support Trump: A Letter From A Cruz Supporter

There are many issues at stake this election including the economy, the Supreme Court justice, the debt, the Constitution, the border, the military…these are just a few. The only candidate that spoke to me on these issues that I call “important” was Ted Cruz. Along with his words, there is a history of events associated with Ted Cruz that back up his brand as a true outsider of the Washington Elite.  Donald Trump? Not so much. I did make the decision, however, to support him this November. 

No, it isn’t out of rebellion against Ted Cruz because he didn’t publically endorse Trump at the convention this week. Although, his speech was what helped me get to the point where I am now. I became a true Trump fan, tonight, because of Trump’s speech in Cleveland. 

For the first time, I heard something that was different than the wall. For the first time I heard a promise to shrink government with his mentioning of simplifying the tax code. Even though he brought up his tax code proposal a long time ago, this was the first time he seemed truly passionate about it. Among other things, he spoke at length about police and security that was more than “The Wall”. He brought up the second amendment. He didn’t bring up his open carry proposal, so I’m not sure where that is still in the world of Trump but he did, however, bring up the debt, he brought up the economy, the Supreme Court Justice, the Constitution and he spoke from a mindset of We The People. He spoke about sanctuary cities. He spoke about how we are all Americans. He was speaking like a true statesman, in my opinion. It was very un-Trump like yet, he still had the same fire in his eyes about political correctness just like what I saw from that first debate, nearly a year ago. 

With all of these important issues, can we go on just his word? Trump doesn’t have the history to support his mouth like Ted Cruz does, but he spoke from the same conservative platform that made me feel that he truly believes what he is saying. His charisma is enough to make people go foolish, but last night I felt he had a foundation that was solid as a rock. If you need Ted Cruz to publically endorse Donald Trump to push you over the edge, both candidates do not need your vote. Where has the idea of thinking for yourself gone? If you are angry that Ted didn’t say those string of words the other night, honestly, leave because we are not in 4th grade..unless some of you are. Even then, if you are reading this, either the headline grabbed your attention or you are thinking for yourself. The latter is very important because when we have the media dictating our minds on issues for us, we must start to look at the big picture and realize they are full of it. The fact that we, Americans, do not need the media or the government to tell us what to do and how to do, is one of the privileges I am proud to be blessed with. Speaking of that, a promised Trump administration will bring back law and order. Finally, if the promise is fulfilled, we will get a presidency who has his feet firmly planted into the Constitution. It’s just sad that we have to go on words, when we could’ve had the history to base those words on. 

I pray for Trump. I pray for Cruz. I pray that they find peace with each other and that each can apologize for the recent history. Whatever guilt is thrown on their hearts, I pray God takes it and gives them sight for humbleness because the last thing we need is ego. Do I fault Ted for what he did? Absolutely not. I honestly don’t blame him for not publically endorsing Trump. It’s easy for a delegate to blame another when such atrocities are done to family members that were not their own. That leads me to this: may we humble ourselves and really loook at the big picture on everything. 

Which is what I’ve done.

This election cycle has been wicked, no doubt about that. I was not in the shoes of Cruz or Trump so I cannot place blame or reprieve a candidate of their actions. I can however take a man for his/her word. Last night, Trump spoke his word. If he continues to be that Trump I saw last night, a Trump who speaks on the issues and not on some stupid silly arguments like whether or not one’s father helped in assassinating JFK, I can finally get back to being behind him. 

I want to hear about the wall. I want to hear about the constitution. I want to hear about America being great again. Now, let these words bear fruit. 



Ted Cruz Did Not Break His Pledge To The American People

You know, there’s this thing called principle. There are choices that we have to make when it comes to beliefs that we hold in our heart. Such beliefs that an American conservative must hold include are those detailed within the Constitution: separation of powers, laws like the Bill of Rights and a belief that this nation was founded for the power to be held within the people, smaller government. Nowhere is the mention of uniting/endorsing an individual for the party’s sake. 

That’s the communist mentality of “Party Before Country”. The last time I checked, we aren’t communists. 

He did mention, a few times during his speech, that “we must work together on shared issues”. Cruz has also said this before, from what my memory believes. Why must we work together? For liberty. Since when does liberty include government subsidies for special companies like sugar? Since when does liberty include “forcing” companies like “Apple to make their products in the USA”? Since when does liberty include the right to slander an opponent in ways that included “cheating on your wife” and saying your father “was involved with Lee Harvey Oswald” or that saying Ted “holds up the Bible and lies” when Ted is a family man who even famously read Green Eggs and Ham on the senate floor for his children, a man who honors/adores his father so much I can only think of a few speeches where he didn’t mention one of his parents and a man who practically based his entire campaign around The Bible and God and prayers and speaking and praying with other God fearing people.. Heck, look where he announced his candidacy! What Trump did was get him on those three points where Cruz was branding himself, for lack of better terms. Ultimately, Trump was successful. However, it was at great cost to what I believe was Trump’s character. It was at cost to Trump’s principled beliefs. 

People are quick to be “upset” at Cruz because he “took a pledge on a debate stage” to endorse Trump. No, he didn’t but this event that is being spoken about, however, was before Trump attacked his family, his Christian beliefs and his person. That was when Trump, while leading, only had 18% in the polls. Well, Clint! He was in the lead, didn’t you know the “Summer of Trump” would’ve continued into the rest of the year? Ben Carson was at a little over 5% in that CNN poll. By November, Carson jumped to 20% and became second only until he got the same “Trump Treatment” that Ted Cruz got in April/May of this year. Polls change and there would’ve been no way to know the events that would take place in the nearly 10 months ahead, after the August, 2015 debate. 

“Ted should’ve honored his pledge to the American people”. The pledge to endorse the republican candidate. Were you watching the same debate I was? The word endorsement was never even mentioned during the moderator’s question. What was said: support.  From what I gathered, the speech that Ted Cruz gave tonight did just that. What about the GOP pledge? Well, to repeat what Trump said: “I signed a pledge, but it’s a double-edged pledge. As far as I’m concerned, they’re in default on their pledge.” I couldn’t agree more. If a member of either party breaks any contractual agreement, it becomes invalid. So, who broke it first, Ted or the GOP? I believe it’s no secret that the GOP leaders before, through and after Ted’s candidacy, hate him. I’ll leave you to decide on who broke it first, but in my opinion the “pledge” was broken by the GOP before Ted Cruz even signed the darn thing. 

So did Ted Cruz keep his “pledge to Americans”? I believe he did based on the facts I present to you tonight. Being a conservative, will I vote for Trump? At this point, I feel like Ted Cruz has publicly shown his support for Trump, without endorsing him, which Reagan famously did with the ’76 election. Also, the delegates have already voted, so there’s no real reason to do a public endorsement. With that being said, I will support Trump because he may not be the best, but he’s got Ted’s seal of approval, in my eyes. 


I’m Sick

I’ve been sick. Like really sick. 

Bronchitis sick. 

I’ve been doing nothing but sleeping and drinking water and eating every now and again. I’m taking meds and all sorts to clear out my chest. My breathing isn’t the greatest which tires me out even more. I looked at the news for the first time in over three days, this morning. 

I’m sorry. You guys are amazing. I see that Trump may pick Indiana Gov. for his running mate and I would be in favor of that move. It’s all speculation so I won’t say much more on it until the announcement. 

I love you all. The drugs are kicking back in. 

Talk soon. 


Week In Review #2: A Sad Week For Liberty

What a week it has been. We started with a nation about to blow fireworks to a nation getting over a deadly police attack in Dallas, Texas. Let’s go through each, piece by piece. 

Monday, we started with an inspirational boost about The Declaration Of Independence. How can it be inspiring, you say? Here’s the last paragraph in that post, 

I’ll leave you with this: notice the last sentence which point’s out their “firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence,”. Can you imagine such phrasing in today’s government? We try to rid ourselves of God when the founders were about to go to war with the most powerful military in the world with nothing but faith. Faith from God.

Pretty awesome if I don’t say so myself. What I wrote, was a brief history of each grievance (not every single one, but most of them) and some of them, I made relevant to today and how we are actually doing what we ran away from. Very interesting stuff. 

Next up, Tuesday. It was the day Hillary got away with the biggest scandal, some say that it was worse than Water Gate, and It was the day after Iran said it have 100,000 missiles ready to launch at Israel. I am still in shock, like many of you, who believe such actions were a mistake in the FBI’s part. I went over how James Comey was appointed by a president who believes Global Warming is a greater threat than ISIS is. Knowing that, did you expect anything different? Also, is there corruption that happened when Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton met on the tarmac?

On Wednesday, I decided to give the Bill of Rights the same treatment I gave the Declaration of Independence. I went over the the first ten amendments and showed how many of them are being infringed by our government, as we speak. So, is the Constitution too old? 

Thursday was about the second or third day, that Trump’s Jewish star was a main headline story. Seriously? After Hillary got away with one of the biggest scandals of all time? Give me a break. I had to express, along with the Jewish star, police brutality, which was also becoming a main headline story, are pointless. I said, I do not care about Trump’s Jewish star or Police brutality. The headline sounds mean, but it’s only when you go deeper into realizing it’s a red herring for something big. 

Speaking of red herrings: the Dallas, Texas shootings that killed 5 police officers were the biggest story this week, unfortunately. What happened in Dallas, I said, “What happened last night is a result of nearly eight years of socialist experiments on the citizenry.” We have gotten to a point of killing each other, American to American. We have been divided, on purpose, because we have a president following the step-by-step instructions within Alinksy’s Rules For Radicals and The Communist Manifesto. We must not give in to the media and it’s “shiny objects”. One day we are fighting for a gorilla’s right of life, another we don’t care about an alligator’s and the next we are wishing the fireworks can go off without any injuries. Seriously. We need to focus on what really matters. Yes, five police officers died from a sick individual. That didn’t stop the president from bringing up his anti-second amendment mini speech. We must be smart. I did go pretty conspiracy in this article. I do not want this site to be filled with what some people would call ‘crazy’ ideas. I want something substantial and something with more ‘meat on it’s bones’. This one will probably be the worst when it comes to that. 

What will next week bring? Who know. Let’s all pray it’s better than this week. 

God bless.



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Dallas Police Attacks: A Red Herring?

Before I begin with this post, let’s give a minute of silence for the 5 police officers who lost their lives last night in Dallas. 




What happened last night is a result of nearly eight years of socialist experiments on the citizenry. It was uncalled for, it was wrong, it didn’t need to happen and it was one of the biggest red herrings of this year. I’m not going full conspiracy on you guys but if you turn on any news channel or open your favorite website or app on your device, this is the biggest and only story displayed. My point: Hillary Clinton and her emails are no more. 

*The snipers. Which guns were they using? Were they legally owned? How were the guns acquired? Also, I woke up to see that the last guy killed himself? How convenient. I’m not saying the government had anything to do with this, but mere days after Hillary was the main headline attraction, the George Soros funded “movement” is back on top. Just like I said in yesterday’s opinion piece, we cannot be distracted by “shiny objects”. 

How do we stop the media from having content like this, then? The media forms it’s the news around views, clicks on a computer, interest, stuff like that. If they see a story is doing better than another one, they will go after the more popular item. It’s the reason why Donald Trump gets so much free air in the media. People want to watch him and the media wants those views. It’s good for ratings. Police shootings, whether they are ‘attacking’ or being attacked, it produces views, clicks, ratings, etc.

If we must ask any questions, I have two: how did the people get the sniper rifles? How did the shooters have incredible coordination? These are quite scary, if you ask me. However, again, we must not get into “shiny things” mode. How convenient that Obama is using this event to push his gun control agenda. In a statement he said this: “We also know that when people are armed with powerful weapons, unfortunately it makes attacks like these more deadly and more tragic, and in the days ahead we are going to have to consider those realities as well,” So here we are again, a second amendment debate in the wake of a deadly attack on our courageous men in blue. 

Obama said he “knows” the pain when it comes to losing police officers. “On a regular basis, I have joined with families in front of Capitol Hill to commemorate the incredible heroism that they’ve displayed. I’ve hugged family members who’ve lost loved ones doing the right thing. I know how much it hurts.” On a regular basis? Seriously? The only and I mean only story I found where he stood beside families of fallen police officers was the 15th of May, 2015. Apparently “regular basis” is propaganda as well. 

We need to be smart. We need to be vigilant. We must not give into the media. Yes, what happened here was horrible but the timing is just too perfect, in my opinion. Hillary Clinton gets off on the biggest scandal in who knows how long, her polls were nearly neck and neck with Trump just last week, recently the gun debate has been gone for quite sometime, and we are over the gorilla. Aside from the gorilla comment, keep your eyes open for the next few days. Hillary will gain more ground on Trump. Why? It’s because We The People are distracted from what’s actually going on from whatever what is. It can be anything from the national debt to immigration to drugs in the streets. We must remained focused and not give in to the media. 

Hillary Clinton will rise in the polls after this event, just you watch. 


*EDIT: The common citizen can purchase sniper rifles. I was looking at false information. Thank You Jim A.


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I Don’t Care About Trump’s Jewish Star Or Police Brutality

Honestly, either should you. I don’t care about the police brutality either. There hasn’t been a police brutality story in months. Low and behold, they are all over the place hours after Hillary gets away from the biggest and most important scandals this Republic has ever seen. 

The American people are like folks with ADHD. I don’t mean that be rude, I mean, we are angry at one thing and then, ‘ooh! Shiny!’. National Debt? Ebola? Confederate flag? ISIS? What about that poor gorilla from a few weeks ago or those whales at SeaWorld? See what I mean? The left controls the media so how convenient in a time like this where people are fed up with the emails and now police brutality is everywhere now. Well, this time I’m not buying it and either should you. 

Police brutality is nothing but communist propaganda at this point. It’s the same when it comes to any other big government organization. History proves my point. Schools are bad so we need a national school administration. The healthcare in this country is bad, so the government steps in and becomes part of the private sector, or destroying what what left of it. Now it’s ‘the police are bad, the whole justice system is bad. We need a Federal police administration.’ It’s funny how they say the whole justice system is rigged, it needs to have sweeping reform according to Obama. How about with your friend Hillary? If it is a rigged system, why doesn’t it apply to her?

Is police brutality a bad thing? Any kind of brutality is bad. What about black on black crime? I could link a story but just type that in and you’ll find it’s more common that “police brutality”. That’s the real problem, but again, Obama has an agenda to separate American to American. The objective is to divide people. I believe, for a while we were starting to think, ‘you know…this Hillary situation looks fishy..’ Both Democrats and Republicans alike. After all, Trump and Clinton are closer than ever before. Now, we are back to being divided again. Within a 24 hour period! How convenient. 

How convenient it is after Bill and Loretta met on the same Tarmac. What did they talk about? One buddy helped another buddy, I’m sure if it. What did Loretta lynch get in return? What if this is the return back to the Clintons? I say that because Lynch served the Clintons as a litigation partner for eight years and Bill, then president, nominated Lynch for the first of her two terms as U.S. attorney in New York. That was Loretta’s back scratched so I believe Bill and Loretta met on the tarmac because it was time for her to scratch Bill’s back. Is it kind of conspiracy? Definitely. Honestly, it will always be until hard evidence comes out and until then, we will never know now. The case is closed. It’s over. She broke the law but it’s not that big of a deal. I could go into detail on the law side of things, 

but Constitutional Scholar, Mark Levin did a fantastic job going into detail about the Espionage Act

Don’t give into the media’s false scandals of Trump’s anti-Semitic star and don’t give into this police brutality again. The timing is too convenient. We must press this Hillary email stuff because the rule of law has been broken like never before. 



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Is The Constitution Too Old? If So, Is It Really A Bad Thing?

If the liberals could open their eyes…

The republicans say our constitution is being torn in to pieces, and the liberals say it’s not. Those same liberals also believe it’s “too old” and it’s time for a change. That’s like saying you love grandmas chocolate pie recipe but it’s too old so it needs to be changed. Except, the change isn’t something minor like some extra sugar or less salt. The change is transforming it into something unrecognizable. How can you be in favor of both?

The chocolate pie is good for many reasons. It takes us back to our childhood. We have safety and comfort in it. It’s more than just a recognizable delicacy, it’s so engrained in our lives, it’s a way of life. The recipe is very important. It doesn’t say to add lemons, so we shouldn’t add lemons. It does say to add flour but only a special amount. These are rules that we, the cook, has to do. They aren’t there for the heck of it, it’s there because our grandma knew that this was the best way to make it. If it’s too much salt, it will become bitter. If there’s not enough sugar, it will become bitter. There a reason why the list is there and it’s from the human experience. 

Ok. I’m done talking about food, for now. Our constitution has gotten so far away from it’s original recipe and the left doesn’t care. Why? The roots of the left are based off of nothing but what’s in the mind. The refusal to look at history when such ideas have failed is foolish and ignorant. I don’t say that to be mean but I say that because we, as humans, like to be right on stuff. When somebody tells us that we are wrong, most of us become defensive. We are too ignorant to think that maybe somebody else could be right. Sometimes we must swallow our pride and accept such reality. Except, the left doesn’t think like that. It’s their way or the highway. 

When it comes to ISIS, it’s the fault of America because we occupy other countries. Obama said this. In an attempt to act strong, weakness is shown because of the inability to fully understand the enemy. The enemy isn’t ISIS. The enemy isn’t Russia or China, it’s you and I. It’s us. It’s our fault because a huge majority of us refuse to let go of our second amendment. A huge majority of us refuse to let go of our first amendment. We refuse to let go of this old recipe grandma gave us because for as long as we continue to hold it, Obama can’t change the recipe. He may be able to add little ingredients here or there. He may be able to add or change it to a strawberry-chocolate pie but for as long as we hold on tight, he can’t do anything until he takes it from our bare hands. 

I believe that point is coming. 

The first amendment: This is one of the many news articles about religious freedom

The second amendment: We already know that they don’t want want body to have a gun

The third amendment: I’m sure in-home soldiers will be soon

The fourth amendment: I’m sure that will be happening soon. I couldn’t remember if any situations like that has happened. 

Amendments 5,6,7,8: Very interesting. I forgot all about this.

Th ninth amendment: Pretty much the gay community can deny Christians their first amendment rights

The 10th amendment: do I need to really say? EPA. Gay marriage. IRS. The school board. The FDA..think of any nationally organized “program”.

The recipe for freedom is there. We need to read it again and understand why each ingredient is in its place. Instead, we have a president who doesn’t care about this country. In fact, if there’s a problem in the world, it’s our fault. America is to blame. He is currently campaigning for a criminal, another Chicago buddy, and it will be, in effect, a third term for Obama. It must end here. It must end now. 

I ask this headline questions: Is the constitution too old? If so, is it really a bad thing? Even if grandma’s pie recipe is old, it still tastes just as sweet and delicious as ever because human experience shows us why the recipe is written the way it is. 



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