Understanding The Anger On Both Sides Of The Aisle

Whether you are in the democrat camp or the republican camp, a lot of you do not like your options for president right now. Let’s start with why people hate Hillary. 

The people in the republican camp do not like Hillary because (issue as aside) she must go away. The political family that are the Clinton’s must be stopped at all cost. She doesn’t contribute anything to the common man and she isn’t part of the everyday people in this country. She is part of the one percent. So, why should she care about something she is not, right? Now, the people in the republican camp that do not like Trump (such as myself) because he never brings up the issues for the future of this country. He only brings up blown up talking points, that he creates. It’s genius for air time and getting headlines but there are a huge majority of republicans who want to talk about the issues. We want to talk about national debt, we want to talk more about the second amendment and the next Supreme Court nominee and yes, we want to talk more about the wall. Sadly, “Lyin’ Ted” and the conspiracy about his father “being with Lee Harvey Oswald” the time JFK was assassinated was the big talking point behind Indiana. 

The democrat camp, I believe is very similar. The folks in the democrat camp that do like like Hillary do not like her for the same reason the republicans do not like her. She’s old news. She is not a ‘commoner’. She is part of the one percent. That’s where the draw of Bernie comes in, but more on that in a bit. The folks in the democrat camp that do like Trump, do not like him for different reasons than the republicans. They believe he is homophobic and xenophobic. Hillary even tried to grasp hold of this crowd. They believe he is part of the one percent and his plans to have a wall build are wrong. A new poll came out saying a majority feel that he’s too hot headed and we need someone more presidential in the White House who speaks more at the level of the average citizen. I’m sure there are more reasons, but I’m not in this camp and really, these are the big ones being spread around. 

The republicans who liked anybody but Trump, were never called xenophobic or racists because Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and others never personified such anger like Trump does (did). Sure, maybe some labels were passed around, but just one look on Facebook and all of the memes regarding such terms are either directed at Trump or Trump and his supporters. Is it any wonder why Trump’s negative points are through the roof..or should I say floor? The democrats that hate Hillary, have different reasons to hate Trump. Hold that thought. 

What are the reasons why the democrats hate Trump? The believe he’s xenophobic. Have you noticed he’s changing his tune on open carry and his “ban all Muslims” remark? They believe he is too hot headed. Have you noticed he’s reading from a TelePrompTer and actually giving planned speeches now. The Trump supporters will say he’s acting more presidential now because he “has to”. I believe he’s doing this to grab some of the Bernie supporters. Heck, he even said that he believes Bernie sanders supporters are so fed up with Hillary, they plan to vote for him. Which, maybe there are, but it’s not the amount you’re thinking it is, Donald. The Trump supporters will stay with him till the end. As he said it back in January, he could shoot people on 5th ave and still be loved. So if the Trump supporters won’t leave, which that amount is small, and the Bernie supporters won’t vote for him, why is he trying to pander towards them?

Conspiracy alert. It’s no secret Trump and Bill Clinton had a phone call before Hillary and Trump announced their presidency last year. I still continue to believe he is a plant for Hillary to win the White House. One thing does bother me though… If he has made it this far, why would he just give it all up? He knows he could beat Hillary and he knows how to beat her, but he’s so much softer of her than she was on Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio… “Crooked Hillary“. Ooh. Should I be scared? No. 

There’s much anger on both sides. Hillary isn’t pandering to the Bernie supporters because she believes the idea of ‘party before country’. She believes the democrats will support her no matter what. When it comes down to it, I believe they will vote for her. It will be party before country out of result but not reason. The reason? They don’t want Trump. Now, the republicans? I believe in the end, they will support Trump, except for the worthless ‘Never Trump‘ crowd. Even though I think a majority of republicans who do not like Trump will support him, I still believe principle will always win. We look at the ’86 election for that proof. The whole country was red except for one state

Think about it: the whole country was red except for 1. Why? It’s because the man who was for the red team brought people together because he understood, as true conservatives understand today, the human experience is the same no matter what party you place yourself in. Principle always wins. 



Ok, so I tried something new. The Links are now highlighted throughout the opinion piece. It’s easier to see what the links are and which ones correspond with what I am talking about. 

Thank you, all again for reading this. I look forward to growing with you guys as our future unfolds. 


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