From Benghazi To Turkey: Obama Has Failed

The date is January 20, 2015. The President of The United States of America is late to the State of The Union address. He finally gets to the capital building, gets up on his podium and starts his speech. About half way through he said this line: “No challenge – no challenge – poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change,”. Did global warming attack the Americans in Benghazi? Did global warming attack the airport in Istanbul yesterday? How about Orlando? How about Paris?

There comes a point in time when even the foolish have to scratch their heads. The foolish have to start to question the existence of such fallacies because common sense has no other option but to take over. Maybe so? Maybe not. As easily as the mind can be ignorant, the mind can be forgetful. I bet most of you forgot that State of The Union quote. I did. It was only until it randomly crossed my mind when I remembered it. We have a commander in chief who does not know how to handle the real enemy. He can not handle the real enemy because he does not, either by choice or by intention, recognize what or who the real threat is. This is what conservatives meant in 2008 and 2012 when we said Obama is not fit to lead this nation. He does not have the skills to command and unite the American citizenry. Even though Trump is somebody who has yet to work for my vote, he does understand who the enemy is. In his statement about the ISIS terrorist attack, he tweeted “Will the world ever realize what is going on?”  Obama and his Secretary of State have yet to say anything with actual substance because, why be wrong? It’s not like they lied to the American public about a YouTube video one time. Speaking of which…

The Benghazi report came out yesterday. I am currently reading it so I do not have anything to comment on it but based on some news outlets, Hillary doesn’t seem pleased because she is, once again, telling us to “move on”. After all, “what difference does make?”  If any of you guys have seen the movie 13 Hours, there is a line where somebody over a radio says, “POTUS has been briefed”. I believe there was another line that said orders were to stand down. I saw it in theaters and my memory is failing me. Either way, we all know nothing was done because some came back in flag draped coffins. Why? Because we have a president who believes, “No challenge – no challenge – poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change,”. Never mind ISIS who just sent two suicide bombers into a crowded airport and killed 29 (UPDATE as of 2:13 am central time, 36 people dead, 147 injured) people. Never mind a radicalized Muslim went to a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida and killed 49 people and injured over 50 more. 

Speaking of the Istanbul terror attack, ISIS has shown its growing, despite the bombings in 2014 and on. Proving, yet again, the bombings are pointless and are not doing anything to ISIS. Heck, even an ISIS fighter said they weren’t doing anything. They are pointless m, yet somehow the liberals beloved and still believe they are working. Turkey should not have happened. Paris, should not have happened. Orlando and the many others should not have happened but they did. They happened because Obama and the leaders of this world who think like him, like Merkel from Germany, have done nothing to prevent ISIS. Why? Appeasement, that’s why. 

At no time in history has the idea of appeasement worked. At no time in history has the idea of submitting to the enemy’s will worked. That’s why Israel has been strong. That’s why Benjamin Netanyahu was reelected last spring. Netanyahu is a leader who can unite the people of the world. We have a “Churchill” in the Middle East and a “Chamberlain” in the west. A prime minister who understands the enemy vs a president who cannot define who the real enemy is.

Why, do you ask, is Obama to blame? The events of yesterday were in Turkey, not the US. The reason Obama is to blame, is because despite what he may think, the world does look to us for guidance. The world looks to the USA, as a role model. The world looks to us for a leader, a world power. Heck, we are one of the permanent members of the UN, and its headquarters are even in NYC! (Even though we must leave, but I digress..) When the world leadership is not there, the world crumbles when the world doesn’t have the US as a guide, it goes astray. We need to stop being appeasers. We must start being leaders. 

How many more attacks will it take to get this, the common sense, to take over the foolish? How many more people will have to die until the foolish start to scratch their heads with wonder? Will it take another 36 lives? 49 lives? 2 lives? Over 3,000 lives? Obama has failed the American people and the world, yet again, from his finely shaped office.

I pray God can help, before this country, Constitition and all, are gone. 


PS: Iran just changed leaders within their military to an anti-Israel leader. The same Iran we gave $100 BILLION to. 



Read the Beghazi Report HERE













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