Pro-Choice: It’s Her body Darn It! Unless…

I think it’s no surprise at this point, but I am pro-life. I am Pro-Life for many reasons. One happens to be I stand by The Declaration’s word’s with “all men are created equal” and from that equality, with “unalienable rights” that include “the preservation of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Notice the first bit? “The preservation of Life,”. ‘Life’ is actually capitalized. 

I ran for mayor of my city at the age of 17. The city law states that one must be the age of 18 by Election Day. Well, my birthday is in August so, I would’ve been okay. Looking back, I could’ve ran it better but during my campaign, I remember a teacher at my high school question my thoughts on nuclear bombs and how technologically advance a nation is. He said, just because a nation can blow up the earth a few more times than another nation, is that country really more technologically advanced than the other? I think about that statement a lot. From time to time, I’ll even meditate to it because it is interesting, isn’t it? One nation can kill more than another nation. First off, yes. I believe they are more advanced, technologically, if one nation can blow up the earth more times than the other. The nation with the most bombs can kill more of the enemy. Now what about abortion? Yes and no. There definitely some barbaric ways to abort a baby. However, have you seen an intense surgery? They use saws and drills, you name it. It is different, when it comes to a baby though..why is that?

Pro-Choice advocates will say, ‘it’s a woman’s body! She should be able to do what she wants with it’. Aside from that be a sexist statement, more on that in a later date, where is the justification in that? If it’s her body, why isn’t prostitution legal then? What about this one: if it’s her body, why can’t she eat whatever she wants? Liberals in New York banned the Boston Cream Pie and Large Soda’s a few years back. I didn’t hear pro-choice people rallying behind conservatives on that issue. Or, if it’s her body, why even wear clothes? Those are easy questions. What about this one: If it’s her body, what happens when the baby I the womb is a female? If it’s “her” body and it’s obvious the baby doesn’t have something hanging between her legs, shouldn’t she, the baby, have a choice?

This is the problem: it’s not about choice, it’s about control. At the end of the day, the government will decide if it is just to kill the baby. Limb by limb or however else they please to do. Yes, I said it: limb by limb. Picture a baby, sleeping sound in your arms. Now picture that baby in separate pieces: one, little bloody arm next to another, little bloody arm. A tiny leg with blood soaked baby feet.. A chest. Near by, a crushed sphere that could’ve been a head…now, picture those in a trash can. 

If that doesn’t make your blood boil, you are a sick, sick individual. 

So, right away, there’s a limit on the ‘her body, she can do what she wants to do with it’ thing. She can do what she wants with it, as long as another woman says it’s alright. What about those who have had a sex change operation. A few years ago, a man gave birth. Does he have rights? If a woman can do what she wants with her body, why can’t a man? If a man wants to rape a woman, why can’t he? Heck, if a woman wants to rape a man, why can’t she? After all, it’s their bodies, right? Where are the pro-choice people on those issues? The problem is that they are not about choice. The objective is to demoralize a society. 

If we can kill innocent lives, be it a baby in a hospital or a nation with a bomb, where’s the morality in that? If we are technologically advanced to be able to kill another human being, are we really more advanced than the other society? First, we have to know where morality comes from. In a civilized, modern world, morality comes from God. As I mentioned the Calvin Coolidge quote a few days ago, ‘Man does not creat laws. He only discovers them.’ One rule in the 10 Commandments is “Thou shall not kill.” If we make it okay for a gender to be able to do that, we are not only making murder okay, we are making it justified! We are forgetting that man is imperfect when it comes to these situations. 

The same feminists believe such things like ‘testosterone poisoning’ and that “all heterosexual intercourse is rape”. But, I thought it was her body? If she wants to have heterosexual intercourse, why can’t she? Now we are told its rape? So now women should only be allowed to lay with another woman? Going back to The Holy Bible, the whole point of sex is to procreate. You need a man and a woman to do that. Unless, they feel women shouldn’t be allowed to have sexual relief? But who has the right to tell another woman she can or cannot do that, even? 

So, a woman can not have sex because it’s considered rape and rape is bad. A woman should be able to get an abortion if it’s rape, and a woman cannot sell herself for money and a woman has no say if she is still in the womb. Got that? Also we should all elect Hillary Clinton because she is a woman. Give me a break. 

This is what happens when we ignore the Christian foundations and the influences of The Enlightenment that this country was founded upon. If we really want a ‘choice’ in the matter, we must abolish the government rules that are putting pressure on the American people. We must say and proclaim loudly that yes, men and women do have some rights with their body. 

Even the ones who cannot speak yet. 







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