Let’s Talk #1: What Is This?

It’s Monday and I’m sure everybody is glad to be at work today..right? Okay well, I’m here to introduce a new type of post I’ve dubbed ‘Let’s Talk’. I plan to write about something on my mind or something that is forgotten in today’s media. It can be political or not. You guys come here to read about what’s on my mind, mostly from political topics and from a conservative mindset but I want this type of thread to be more positive and inspiring on days like Mondays. So with today’s first ‘Let’s Talk’ I want to talk about the ‘brick walls’ in our lives. 

Randy Pausch. Wow. I haven’t heard that name in years. He gave a speech, which I’ll leave a link down below, called The Last Lecture. It is a speech given by distinguished individuals at Carnegie Mellon University. Randy, at the time, was given the opportunity to speak and give his last lecture. Thank God he did. A book, titled The Last Lecture, was written by him and another by the name of Jeffery Zaslow, because Randy wanted something his kids could read when they are older like stories of inspiration and dreams and troubling stuff like worries and hard challenges he called ‘brick walls’. 

Now, I’m going off of memory because I do not have the book or the time to re watch the speech on YouTube, but my memory is pretty decent on this because it has become a part of who I am. 

These brick walls are always in our way. We always just want to finish school or we always just want to have that understanding boss. These are called brick walls. These walls are not there to stop us although they do do that from time to time. Like real brick walls though, they can be torn down. When one of these walls are torn down, the person crossing over always benefits from it. The person grows stronger either mentally or physically. These brick walls can take a long time to get over or they can be quick. What I have found, with my brick walls, is that the length of time it takes to overcome these brick walls depends on the person’s will to fight. 

It’s easy to just give up. Some walls seem impossible to destroy. I have those in my life. I didn’t want to move from my hometown in Ohio to Nashville, TN. It was a wall I had to push through though. I did and what was on the other side of that wall has been more opportunities and more experiences than I could have ever imagined. I accomplished two dreams just in the last two months alone. One: I climbed my first mountain, Angels’s Landing in southern Utah. It was a steep hurdle and a tough brick wall to destroy, but I did it. Another one was to see all lower 48 states by the time I’m 25. I just did that this weekend hence, no post on Saturday. I woke up at 2 am and decided to hike the 10 1/2 round trito Washington State, which was the last one I needed to visit. I saw a beautiful sunrise that came over the mountain and reflected off of the snake river. Going there was easy because it was 5.2 miles downhill. Coming back was the tough part. 

5.2 miles of uphill. I knew it was bad, but it was more than the 7% grade I thought it was. I think it was more about 10-15%. It was a brick wall and I did it. I’m still sore but I did it. School was another wall. I knew I wanted to live in Nashville, but I had to complete school first. I passed that. Another wall was to figure out how I was going to have a job for this year. The Nashville gig was dying and I needed work for this year and beyond. I didn’t want leave Nashville, but I did. I left all of my friends and my roots that I planted there to start a new life in NC. It’s a brick wall I still struggle to this day, 7 months later. It keeps coming up but I always tear it down because I have goals in my head that I want to accomplish like having a farm house and a steady family. 

These walls suck but there is always a positive outcome from each wall I tear down. I always grow stronger both mentally and physically from them. I always become a stronger, more positive individual from each one I pass through. My outcome in life is always better. I start to love myself and because of that, I start to love others with a bigger heart. 

What was Randy’s brick wall? You’ll have to watch the video for yourself to find out. Having done that myself, this man, even though I have never met him, made such an impact on my life, my being, my soul. 

My point, as well as Randy Pausch’s, is these walls are there for a reason. I believe they are part of God’s plan for each one of us. Sometimes we don’t want to go through that wall because there is another way that could be easier but those roads lead to nowhere but negativity and everything bad. 

If we can’t go over a little brick wall in the big long road of life, how are we going to pass through an actual problem when we encounter it? So look at pictures, inspirational quotes, read the bible or close your eyes and listen to the birds sing to keep you going. 

Stay positive and stay hungry. 



The Last Lecture:


Buy the book:



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