Sure, It’s Historic, But What Does Brexit Mean To Me?

A historic vote happened yesterday. Most of you are like ‘Clint! Where have you been?? I woke up this morning as saw that you didn’t post anything’. Well, I wanted to wait and see what would happen. 

Whether you care, don’t care or have no idea what ‘Brexit’ means, it’s okay. One thing to know, though, is how historic this vote was. Honestly, I didn’t know how the land of Churchill was going to act. In my view, they are all socialists over there, but it turn out even Great Britain isn’t that socialist. Basically, Britain is now independent. Brussels is the main place were all of the EU stuff happens and Britain no longer has to do what they say anymore. The can finally rule themselves. In my mind, it’s kind of like how we answer to the U.N.  I say we get out of there but Obama likes it because he pass anti second amendment rules that even North Korea won’t vote yes on! Now, I could be wayy off but in my little world, I’m happy to make that comparison.

As of this writing, the DOW is down almost 500 points. As expected. A new independent nation has started its journey and the world that doesn’t like change completely freaks out. After the Soviet Union fell, many nations became independent of each other. Inflation rose and people had no money. Look at it now, though. The world fixed itself and millions of lives were saved because of it. The market will always react. 

So, I mentioned earlier that when it comes to the Brexit thing, I placed you in three camps: you care, don’t care, or you have no idea what Brexit means. I’m in the middle camp. I honestly don’t care. I realize its historic, but we just had a vote on separation of powers yesterday. It was split 4-4. (Hat-tip Mark Levin). Yes, I’ll be a “back bencher” for a little bit. 4 basically said its okay for the president to have legislative powers. The media would rather talk about Brexit than the fundamental structure of our constitution falling to pieces?? What about how North Korea launched new missiles the other day? What about ISIS? Boko Haram? What about the gun control issue and the rest of our rights that are being taken away from us every single day? Or, dare I say it..? The National Debt? It must be okay I guess. Not a single word about it has been spoken the media in the past..what, year? Since October anyways…

It’s great and all about Britain (I just realized there could have been a funny pun here) and honestly, it’s about time. It’s what we need to do with the U.N. soon. There are so many things happening in the world, so many things about the constitution and our nation, let’s deal with that first before we talk about Brexit for the next week. Sorry this is a bit short, I just don’t have much to comment on Brexit other than Liberty has won. 

Congrats to England. God Save The Queen. 












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