It’s Not A Joke Anymore: Tyranny Is Shown By Democrats On Capital Hill

The democrats are trying to force false claims down our throat and what do we do about it? We sit and we wait. My fellow Americans: it is time we must stand against this tyranny. 

The democrats, yesterday, showed unrest and lack of professionalism in the House over the failed gun bills from this past weekend. The people who actually represented their people, did the right thing by voting down. The democrats lost and now they have put up a showing of anger, yelling, mob and lack of actual arguments. We must stand up against what has happened because they are going against the right to bear arms. Some people say, “that’s fine! I don’t like the idea of owning guns.” Ok. I can respect that. However, you can bet your you-know-what that if they can openly go against the second amendment, they can go against the rest of them. 

The freedom of speech and religion isn’t there so the government can have a freedom of speech and religion, it’s so we can have the freedom of speech and religion. The right to bear arms isn’t so the government can bear arms, it’s so we can bear arms. The right to not have stationed military in our houses, isn’t so the government doesn’t have to have stationed military in its houses…you see where I’m going going with this? The “Bill of Rights” are for us and us only. Rightnow, the democrats are targeting you and I right now, the heirs of the Bill of Rights. This is about so much more than guns at this point. It’s like what I said yesterday, it’s about the human experience, not gun laws. We know where the path of government leads. It grows from small to big, always. Rome, France, Germany, China, Soviet Union… When it goes from big to small, there is a mass amount of human slaughter that takes place, either from government, or from the people saying ‘enough of this garbage’. Whether you like guns or not, that is not the point. The second amendment is just target number one. 

“…to disarm the people ― that was the best and most effectual way to enslave them.” (George Mason, 3 Elliot, Debates at 380). How true and relevant to today. See what I mean? The nature of man has never changed. For thousands of years, our will to survive has been the same. We will always figure out a way to survive. For us common folk, we know what that means because I wrote about it yesterday. What about for those of us who are power hungry? Well, they want to survive just as bad as we do. Just as a gunman goes into a ‘gun free zone’ to commit his actions, the tryannical despot will do the same over his/her people. The problem: the second amendment. But Clint! They don’t wish to take our guns away! Again, we know that’s not true. They wish for us to be disarmed because their will to survive, i.e. grow more powerful, is insatiable. They will do anything to survive. Right now, more and more Americans are buying guns meaning a possible revolution could happen. They know they are outnumbered. They know they could lose power at any moment. So, in order to stay alive, they must relinquish that fear. 

What are the laws the democrats are trying to pass exactly? Well, one of them is a “loophole” where they want to make sure there are background checks at gun shows and on Internet purchases. Also, not until the background check in complete, only then could a person be able to purchase the weapon. So, let’s say your angry ex-whatever is going to kill you and you want to buy a gun. A background check could take weeks. “The right to bear arms shall not be infringed“. Waiting on today’s technology, as slow as it may be, and waiting on human error, that could leave people dead by the crazy people. It happened last June. Remember? Oh how time flies. And when did the fort hood shooter buy his gun online or at a gun show? What about the kid who shot inside of Sandy Hook? Or what about the Orlando night club last week? Did they buy their gun online or at a gun show? No! So the democrats are wasting precious time! The laws they want to pass will only do more harm than good. The bad guys don’t follow the rules anyways, so why must the good guys suffer the consequences?

It goes back to the communist manifesto. Barack Obama believes this for truth, I promise you. The country must be in a state of unrest to a point where it’s so bad, the government has ‘no other options’ but to intervene. I speak about the dangers of Trump “personifying” the anger within the American People. I will speak, again, about the dangers of the democrats on Capital Hill yesterday and how they are personifying the mob. They aren’t representing the American people. Instead, they are trying to mimic the mob because it is they will be able to do the most harm to this country. Look what they did outside of St. Louis. Look what they did to Baltimore. Take a look at the Black Lives Matter movement. It’s a falsehood. 

It’s not a joke anymore. Like I said, if they can go after the second amendment, they will go after the third amendment next. And then the fourth, and then the fifth.. The second amendment is the reason why they haven’t targeted the others. They cannot yet because we are not a gun free zone. An armed terrorist will not hit gun friendly zones first. They will always go after the gun free zones because there will be little to no contest there. Whether you like the idea of guns or not, human experience shows us how important it is. 

If we lose the second amendment, we lose it all. 











One thought on “It’s Not A Joke Anymore: Tyranny Is Shown By Democrats On Capital Hill

  1. The GOP has a larger majority in the House than the Senate, so why couldn’t Ryan allow the bills to be voted down there? There’s no courage involved in the action of the House Republicans. The chickensheets just don’t wan’t to go ON RECORD. Some defenders of the 2A…


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