Here Is Why Gun Laws Do Not Matter, But Human Experience Does

“Common Sense Gun Reform”, “We don’t want your guns”..we’ve all heard the same phrases from Washington as if they were from the same scene in a bad movie. They say we need to limit magazine size because it’s “common sense”. They say we need to get rid of “assault rifles”, whatever that means. It’s all for the ‘greater good’. As I wrote in a post last week, gun control is more than a right vs left issue. One believes in individualism and the other beloved in Marxist ideals. These “common sense” gun reform laws, don’t matter. It’s a political game. What needs to be expressed with detail, is the constant human experience. 

Constant: remaining the same over a period of time. The will to survive has been around since the days of Adam and Eve. We will do what we can to keep our heart ticking, and our limbs kicking, no matter what the cost. That’s is what separates us from machine or anything man made. Sure, our iPhones may seem human but at the very most, from iPhone to iPhone, man programs them to act and respond in specific ways. They do not understand life or death because they don’t have any more knowledge of it outside of Wikipedia. Man, is different. To the State Senate of Massachusetts, when Calvin Coolidge was elected it’s president in 1914, he said, “Men do not make laws. They do but discover them.” Those words, even though they are 112 years old, are still true today. Why and how is that possible? It’s because of this human experience thing.

I call it a thing, because it is a thing. Man has been the same for around 6,000 years. We still act the same. It wasn’t until the Magna Carta and the enlightenment when we started to “see the light” on the difference between Tyranny and Liberty. We The People wanted a say in stuff. Kings and queens have ruled over their subjects forever and it was time to think for ourselves. Sure, it would be nice to be handed everything and taken cared for but that’s when we are baby. Who’s going to take of our babies? We must. We started to think on the role of our governing bodies. We started to take in account for rights given to us by our creator. Rights like private property and being able to defend yourself against whatever danger comes your way. Man does not grant us that ability to say that we can protect ourselves, it’s like an instinct: we are given that ability the second we are born. God gives it to us. We, man, are so lucky to have discovered such a trend so we can pass along this blessing into every corner of this world. 

We know what happens when man cannot defend his or herself: tyranny takes over and we either abide by the rules or society forces you to comply either by death or by torture. Mostly, the former is used. Gun laws are a red herring because they aren’t about man. Man cannot create laws for man, we only discover them and in the US Constitition, it’s already been discovered! “..the right to bear arms shall not be infringed,”. The framers just went through a war within ten years prior to this amendment coming into view, that was a cause of not having this right in place. The colonists wanted to act by themselves without the tyranny that was oppressing them. Now, 225 years later, here we are being oppressed by the government they warned us could take over. A group of laws that were discovered by man, listed as the bill of rights, are being threatened each passing day. 

I beg the thought again, Gun Laws Do Not Matter. Why don’t they matter? Because like our phones, technology changes. However, like our phones, guns cannot do anything without the human element. Guns will just sit there and literally do nothing forever unless a human walks up and uses his or her experience, be it a lot or a little, to pull a trigger or replace the projectile. Why would a human want to do such a thing? For many reasons! It could be for sport, it could be for bonding with a kin, it could be for defense against an intruder or it could be just to collect and admire. Why would anybody want to do any of those actions: because we, as man, can do these action because Our Creator gave us the right to do so. That is why our gun laws, speaking about the second amendment, should not change with the technology. They cannot change because of changes with technology because whether you’re defending yourself with a musket or a shotgun, your right to bear arms is still valid: your right to defend yourself is still valid! Your right to defend your home, physical house or state/country, is given to you by God. The framers understood this. 

So, go ahead Washington. Take my guns. Take my ammo. My will to survive will not change because all of a sudden, I don’t have a gun in my hands. I’ll find a knife, I’ll find a rope, I’ll find a stone, anything to make sure my family and I will remain safe from evil. 

And trust me, you don’t want to be on my bad side. 




“Men do not make laws. They do but discover them.” Excerpt From: Coolidge, Calvin. “Have faith in Massachusetts; 2d ed.” iBooks. 

This material may be protected by copyright.

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Top Democrat: “I Don’t Think Anyone Should Own A Gun”


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