The Nuclear Deal Gone Bad

Nuclear power is the only thing they want. At least, that what they told us. Is there harm in allowing another nation to harness power within an element for their own people? I believe it depends on the definition of ‘for’. 

Is it for in the sense of the overall greater good? Is it for in the way of advancing civilization? Is it to pursue an ideology or special belief? Who is to say that belief is held, that the belief will advance their greater good? Okay. Wayyy too many questions! It does bring some interesting ideas to the table, however. This is where either side of the argument comes into play: The Right vs The Left. 

The left’s mindset, created from ideas, is a belief with no ground. For instance, why not let them enrich uranium? If there is anything that seems out of the ordinary, we can always inspect their plants. The problem is, we cannot. The right’s mindset, based off of actual experience, knows this because if you’re doing something illegal, you will do what you can to hide whatever it is you’re doing. What a surprise, when North Korea didn’t want to have inspections done on their plants after an odd balance of plutonium vs nuclear waste. 

You thought I was talking about Iran? 

They wanted to use their nuclear plants for power, right? Then they didn’t allow any kind of inspections to take place, so they didn’t allow individuals to come in to see? 

Ahh, Clint. I know North Korea has missiles, Iran, though, doesn’t. They don’t have any kind of weapondry like that. Actually, yes. In March they even showed them off, and many other times before that they have been launching ballistic missiles into the sky. Also, to point out, power wasn’t even on the table for “Iran Deal” last year. “Nuclear for power” is an old slogan from 2011. It’s no longer relevant. 

Let’s forget their sworn promises on their call of “action” of “Death To America”. Let’s forget their leader’s words: “Israel must be wiped off the face of the earth”. When was the last time inspections were done at the Iran power plants? Some people like USA TODAY will try to downplay such phrases, but they are ignorant on the fact they are taught from the Quran to lie and deceive. They take the book very literal. “Taqiyya” is a term used that means lie and deceive for “Allah is the deceiver of all deceivers”. They want to advance Islam. America is a Christian nation in their eyes. So when they say, “Death To America” it doesn’t mean foreign policy. It means America. If outlets like USA TODAY are blind by “Death To America”, they will be blind to “Saying ‘Death To America’ is easy. We need to express ‘Death To America’ with action.”

How I know the Iran Deal will fail: Similar deals in the past have failed. North Korea, pre-Clinton presidency, had only wanted uranium for nuclear power. They weren’t advancing their missile technology. They didn’t have nuclear submarines. Yes, they hated America. They still do. In fact, did you know June is ‘Hate America’ month in Morth Korea? Yes! We have our own month on their calendars where they hate us. From the old, to the young. It’s bred into their society. It always has. It’s scary that ideas are in place of actual history in today’s Information Age. 

I’ll leave you with this: back in August, the supreme leader of Iran published a book titled Palestine. It was a blueprint that laid out it and plan to conquer Israel and America. This is only 10 months ago and already it’s ancient history. To be foolish enough that we are “safe” from Iran just because we live on opposites of the world is wrong. In two days, back in march, they showed off their technology on how far they are advancing in their missile technology. It won’t be long before they do it again. 





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