Here’s To You:

My goodness. I am so blessed. 

If you guys are wondering why my posts for today are later than, say, 5 am like usual, it’s because I’m on the west coast right now and my hours are all messed up currently. Plus, since I’m completely mobile, it depends on my cellular connectivity. Usually cell service is awesome but in the middle of the desert things can become a bit slow. I apologize. 

Ok. First off, wow. This week has been a turning point for The Mind Of Clint. It’s been a bigger blessing than the entire year I’ve had it up. If you’re new to this web page, you’re like me. I used to use Google’s Blogger app. Well, it’s not the greatest when it comes to staying up to date, software wise, so about 5 weeks ago I started looking at other option. WordPress came into view and over and over it was always one of the top rated. I used WordPress a while ago, back in April, and to test it out I published my first piece called: Equality For Everyone which took the equality situation to what some on the left would call “extreme”. It begged the question: where will the equality fight end? Since that post, and since blogger wasn’t really working out for me, I decided to make a full switch to the page you are reading today. 

I’ve gotten high profile people to see it, some who teach at universities I look up to, and even today I’ve gotten what is one of my greatest accomplishments: getting a major headline for my work. Today, Tea Party Tribune placed their headline story as “Why Gun Control Won’t Ever Work And Why The Left Thinks It Will”. Sound familiar? I am excited beyond belief because I read that news site a lot throughout the day. Such a huge honor. If anybody from there is reading this: Thank You. Never in a million years did I think that such an event would happen. I am truest honored my writing would be worthy enough. 

Also, it wouldn’t be without you. The one reading this right now. Thank You for taking time out of your day to come to my little corner of the internet and seeing what’s on my mind for today. Nobody tells you to ready my posts, nobody forces you type my website in the URL space… The folks who read this daily opinion piece, you guys are the reason for such success. Every day I see the stats on the viewership go up and up and it’s building. For those who went to my Google site, it’s a change and I’m sorry for that. I do believe, however, this is the change for the better. The quality of the posts are better, because I read more and more, I study more and more and with every post I write, I always learn more about history because I do believe it repeats if we do not learn from it. 

Wow. That’s all I can say. Thank you Tea Party Tribune for the honor. Hopefully I continue to write more posts for your worth. For the many others who read this today: Thank You from The Bottom Of My Heart. 




Why Gun Control Won’t Ever Work And Why The Left Thinks It Will


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