In The Case Of Bernie Sanders

This man cannot be president unless the Department of Justice actually does something about Hillary with regards to her emails. Nobody I their right mind would continue to fight for the nomination, after the delegates have been claimed. I’m willing to bet, Old Bernie knows something we don’t know. 

There are new reports of Hillary being indicted “Very Soon”. Whatever that means. July 25-28 is when the Democratic Convention is so if ‘soon’ is before that, I’m willing to bet Bernie knows something. But, then again, I could be wayyy off. Maybe he is just hoping for her to become indicted before the convention. In that case, what will happen? It would be up to the delegates, if anything. From what I gathered, they must be loyal to whom they were selected to be, at least for the first round of voting. If that candidate is no longer there, it would have to go to the next person in line. So, Bernie is taking a big chance, staying in the race as his money, volunteers and influence continue to dwindle down a spiral socialist tube. 

Now, I present this conspiracy, while there is another conspiracy going on. I continue to believe Trump was a plant by the Clinton’s. Bill and Donald had a phone call in May of last year. Politics were not discussed, but there was nobody else in either room when each individual spoke. So, who’s to say there wasn’t anything political spoken? Soon after, Hillary starts to run, and Trump starts to run. A Billionaire, a Bush, and a Clinton were running for president. Sound like a joke, right? Well, it is the only thing missing from 2008. We have a situation that is a repeat of ’93 without a third party candidate. A lot of people said that Trump ran a third party within the Republican Party. Mark Levin, radio host and author, even called it genius, which it is. In doing so, he managed to escape the grasp of every other candidate out there. How he did it, is another topic for another post. Now we have a Billionaire, a Clinton and that’s it. The billionaire spoke to the Clinton’s other half, then ran a pretty bold campaign on making ‘America Great Again’ and now he’s backing off on almost every issue that I would call conservative. The 60% of conservatives who didn’t vote for him aren’t being pandered to, meaning there is division within the Republican Party. Coincidence? If he wants to win, he should start pandering towards the majority that didn’t vote for him in the primaries. Alas, he acts as if they don’t exist. 

Just as the Trump supporters divide the republicans, Bernie supporters divide the democrats. If Trump was a plant for the Clintons, what happens to him if she becomes indicted? Will he continue to run? I believe so. At that point, if there was a deal made between the two camps, one half couldn’t commit to their promise. Trump is fair game to pursue his new goal towards the White House. Unless Bernie can compel the Clinton camp to go towards him. He seems to get people to like him, so this could be pretty easy for him to do so. The democrats always support party, a la communists. 

Bernie will become our next president if Clinton cannot run. 

Now for the case of the conservatives, this could be a fantastic thing because as a few co-workers and I have discussed together, the socialist revolution is coming whether we like it or not. Why not get it done and over with as soon as possible so people can be upset faster and we can get back to the mindset of the enlightenment. Heck, maybe a new enlightenment can occur. Wouldn’t that be something..





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