Why Gun Control Won’t Ever Work And Why The Left Thinks It Will

The struggle is real. If we could only get rid of guns, the world will be a much safer place. We, Americans, can go on living peaceful lives. Right? Wrong. 

Whether you think so or not, gun control is a bad thing. The massive shootings in this country have happened in gun free zones. That is fact. Guns aren’t allowed in there. Somehow, though, we always have incredible amounts of death happening from guns, in these “gun free zones”. When was the last time you heard of a massive shooting at a police department or a gun show? I can’t recall any. When was the last time you heard of a shooting at a movie theatre? I can think of two off the top of my head. 

Imagine if the entire country was a gun free zone. Let’s just say that the second amendment wasn’t so and the federal government successfully took all of the guns from the people. Guess what: we have an open border in the south where drugs and guns are coming through. If a small dance club can be a gun free zone and people were shot like open season, just imagine the slaughter of Americans if that very same policy is taken nationwide. 

Somehow, though, they believe being gun free is the key to end all evil. Aside from the whole “I’m sure that’s what the Jews thought as the Nazi’s took theirs before they killed millions of innocent human beings” argument, I believe it’s along the same though path as the open border policy laid out within The Communist Manifesto. The idea of no borders isn’t something new, just as the idea of building a wall isn’t something new. The theory is, with open borders, that without borders there are no wars. I believe it goes in-line with the whole equality thing because if we have no defined borders, we all share the world equally. One country is not bigger than the others. Since there are no borders, nobody can take over countries to increase their home turf because it belongs to everybody. Well, having been to Europe, they have no border gates from one country to the next and we all know how Paris worked out. 

The idea of no guns, brings everybody onto a level playing field. Everybody has the same amount of personal defense: nothing. Just as when people live within a communist society, they have no personal property. Guns are considered a personal, private property or a “fruit of one’s labor” as Marx explains. With the open borders policy in place on our southern border, and these gun free zones popping up all over the place, I really don’t see the irony that the amount of mass shootings have increased a lot the past 7 years. It’s quite predictable. That’s why when “crazy” people like Glenn Beck and others say things that make people think that they are crazy, but they end up being correct, they are so correct, it’s scary. They aren’t some fortune, ESP, witchcraft long individuals, they look at history and say “we tried that a few times. It didn’t work” or “this is why we have to do this because it worked so well”. 

The times may change, but the human experience never does. The left seems to forget or outright lie about this. Our will to survive doesn’t become more or less as the date on the calendar goes up by one each year (I’m speaking in general terms). The will to fight for what you believe is written in the bible. Just because it’s 2000 years into the future, doesn’t mean we humans don’t want to fight for what we believe in. That same throughly process can be placed into many other issues. Especially gun control. We know what happened when the Nazi’s disarmed the Jews. We know what happened in China. We know what happened in Venezuela. Bad things happened there. Lately, in Venezuela things have gotten so bad economically, they can’t even buy toilet paper. That’s a whole different issue though..

Disarming the American people is taking away a fundamental, God given right of protecting ones self. As history proves itself, government always goes from weaker to stronger. Never the other way around. If we become disarmed, we will have more than an ISIS promoter to worry about. 





What happens when governments disarm their citizens?



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