Orlando Night Club: Are Guns Really The Problem?

50 people were shot in a gun free zone and Obama has the audacity to say we need greater gun restrictions?

President Obama has an agenda. This is fact. He wants to get rid of the second amendment. People will say ‘oh boy, Clint. You’ve got your tin foil hat on now..’  It’s not just the Obamas, it’s the DNC in general. Don’t believe me? Just last week, June 8, DNC Comitee Member Bonnie Schaefer said: “..I really don’t personally think anyone should have a gun.” A committee member said that. Just 5 days ago! It’s not 5 years or months or whatever else, 5 days ago. Ok so nobody, in the gay night club, is allowed to have a gun. Let’s use that as a metaphor for the country. Look what happened. It’s the worst mass shooting on US soil.

Continuing the metaphor, the doors to the night club are like the border. Guess what, we don’t even know who is coming in to our country. Illegal cartels bring guns and all sorts of drugs into our country. A country that can’t even keep a solid border, cannot expect to be safe. You can make guns illegal and take them all away from the citizenry, but that won’t stop the guns from coming in. The criminals will treat it like open season. Another point: they don’t need guns. In Northwest Ohio yesterday, 3 people were stabbed and 1 was killed. Not a single gun involved. Over 1,500 are killed by knife each year. Obama won’t say anything about that. Why? The left has an agenda to get rid of guns. Mrs. Schaefer openly said it 5 days ago.

I see this picture on Facebook that says something like ‘..gay people have to worry about existing’. Guess what: we all do if we don’t believe in Allah. I see the argument that ‘Allah means God, just because it’s not your God doesn’t mean it’s isn’t God..’ That point is invalid because the Muslims do not see it that way. They see it as Allah is THE one and only Allah. If you do not believe in Allah, you must be converted or killed. Allah was replaced by God to make it sound appealing to the west, I believe. We all have to worry about existing because it doesn’t matter if you’re gay, strait, French, American, Iranian, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist.. If you don’t submit to Allah, you must convert or be killed. That is the truth.

I feel sorry for Obama though. Man, he’s in a tough spot. He favors the Islamic agenda but he says he favors the LGBT community. His actions allowed this to happen yesterday. 50 people died because the ideology that is Islam doesn’t agree with them. That is what the Quran teaches them to do. This is what they are taught since birth. Instead Obama preaches tighter gun control. Instead Obama preaches ‘it’s our fault’ meaning it’s you and I, the American people’s fault. We are the problem. If we would just say ‘okay, let’s get rid of the bill of rights..’ A president that blames the people he is supposed to be working for? He is blaming you and I for what has happened. What kind of president does that??

Well, what do you get from a president that endorses a criminal for president?





Florida Pulse Gay Bar Mass Shooting was in a Gun Free Zone


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