How Will WW3 Continue To Change The Art Of War?

I normally don’t post an article on Sundays but the Islamic Terror Attack that happened in Orlando, Florida this morning made me question a few things. Things that I have found myself with no choice but to write about it as soon as possible.

Since the time of Cain and Abel, man has had the sin of such a horrific act in our blood. It started with sticks and stones, and I believe it will end with sticks and stones. Heck, Einstein famously said that statement about World War 4. So much has changed since Cain and Abel’s time, however, we no longer fight with barbaric tools. How did we transition from sticks to nukes?

Before World War One, we fought very strangely, in my opinion. It would be one army versus one army, facing each other with guns, cannons, swords and a drummer boy beating away a rhythm. World War One brought the advent of trench warfare. Flights were even used in battle. As for ‘boots on the ground’, trenches stole the show. World War Two brought guerrilla warfare. We no longer faced enemies in army versus army. It was still army versus army but we couldn’t see them. The Japanese would hide in trees, underground, you name it.

It’s been over 70 years since WWII ended. We live in a more connected world, than ever before. Computers, cell phones and satellites are all working from virtually the same kind of connection. I can take a video on my iPhone and upload it to YouTube and within mere seconds, a kid in Japan can watch it and share it to his friends. This, and seeing that each new war has brought something new to the table, what will WWIII continue to bring?

We no longer fight army versus army, directly. In World War Three, armies done even need to collect in a single place to plan their actions. They can send a text, or an email, or send out a public video on Twitter or YouTube or Facebook. Just as energy is transferred from one thing to another, influences, lies and beliefs can be transferred from one individual to the next. The quickest way to do so is to push it to the internet where over a billion people can see it at the same time.

I believe this new era we are in will bring destruction, chaos and violence like we have never seen it before. Islam, the political belief that explains its ok to deceive in order to advance Islam, because “Allah is the greatest deceiver”. People, I feel, always want to be on the winning side. Be it in gym class, fourth grade or in a time of war. We are in World War Three because everything I have stated here has been happening. ISIS has an army but they don’t have to meet to cause destruction.

In Paris, New York, Copenhagen, Brussels, Tel Aviv, Orlando.. ISIS is using technology to further their influence. This will only continue. Just like the guerrilla warfare from WWII, this is a more advanced form of that. We don’t don’t know where they are hidden, we don’t know when they will start to kill.

50 people died today because we, again, we’re not prepared.




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