Month: April 2016

Equality For Everyone!

It seems like everybody wants equality these days. We have a republican candidate for president actually going about saying one person=one vote. On the “other side” of the field, we have an out of closet socialist explaining people need to pay their “fair share” in taxes. I promise you, it’s more than just taxes. 

Let’s just play for a bit, though. If equality can be translated to “same”, “equality for everyone” should mean everybody should be the same. Hear me out. Should we all pay equal taxes? A “flat tax” like Cruz’s plan seems to be the most “equal” in my opinion. How about equality under the law? Okay. Justice speaking, fair enough. The US Constitution is the best document in recent times to grant such a staple in the world. Equal cars/emissions? Going green is very popular amongst youth today. We shouldn’t drive that far to work. Should we all have the same car? Why not get rid of emissions all together? Since we will be working so close to home, a bicycle will do just fine. After all, Denmark is the new model for Bernie Sander’s world. Having been there, I should know how many bicycles there are in the capital, Copenhagen, alone. 

Speaking of work? Should we all do the same work? That wouldn’t be logically possible. Everybody can’t be a plumber because who will fix the bicycles of a tire is flat? Who will build the houses? Will we even have houses? Land? If everybody is equal, we should have equal property, too, right? Trying to cram everybody so close to work would be difficult if they wanted “land”. I think community housing would do just fine. Not apartments, but multiple families in the same living quarters where they can bathe, eat, play and converse all together. Water! If we are all equal, and we are going emissions free with bicycles, we should conserve precious water, too. With so many people living so close together, how will we ration the difference between cleaning ourselves or drinking it? Only a gallon per family I think. No matter how big or small because with Obamacare, everybody gets free condoms. It’s your fault if you don’t use one. 

What about food? To assure we all get equal food portions, it will have to be collected someplace public. A food line works well. Every day or so, one member from each family will get a pre-portioned food amount. In winter months, since we will have a wall around this country and will be “isolationist” like our socialist brethren North Korea, we will have to use those portions more sparingly since the weather will most certainly impact farms.

Equal school or learning. Since electricity will be equal to every house and building in America, computers will only work for so long before that building’s amount is met. Books, given for free by the government, will ensure everybody has an equal opportunity for self-education. For schooling, the schools in cities today will have to change. Equal grades? Equal questions? To make sure everybody has an equal opportunity in the classroom, teachers must teach a government issued script where no questions are asked by the children. If a question is asked, it could ruin the flow of education for the other kids. For equal grades, no tests will be given. We must teach the kids about the greatness of the New America and its equality. Equality will be assured from the start.

I could seriously go on and on with this equality crap. Where will it end? Which of these ideas are supported by the constitution, outside of equality of justice? Equality of education? Nope. Equality of healthcare? Nope. Equality for work? Nope. Equal/minimum pay? Nope. Equality for food? Nope. Equal votes/one person=one vote? Nope. 
We need to get back to the constitution. We have been trying these socialist ideas for 100 years, more so the last 8 years and look what it has achieved! The “pay gap” has increased! $15/hour won’t save that. Like I said, I could go on and on. I should, but this whole “equality for everyone” crap that’s going around lately, is not worth it.