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The Mind Of Clint has been through a few stages. From being a local thing, to random thoughts which led into constructive thinking and personal education. That, led into it being a local thing to being read all around the world to places I’ve never thought it would reach. To there, I outgrew Google’s Blogger App and made my way towards WordPress earlier this year, where I have had more outreach from readers like you. The success of The Mind Of Clint is all about you, so thank you so much for coming back day after day, post after post. 

So…why am I saying thank you? Well, I say this because The Mind Of Clint, as we know it, will cease to exist. I am shutting down all future posts, to this webpage, indefinitely.

I say “to this webpage” because my posts will now be read on the conservative opinion website:

It’s The King’s Rights where I will be a contributor for the foreseeable future. Myself and the owner are still working things through but you can read today’s post at the website linked above. I am excited about this new opportunity as I know God has a plan in store and he is working. I believe it. 

I am hoping you’ll continue to follow me and the other writers who post everything from faith, sports, national security, politics….you name it. Staying up with the latest news and information hasn’t been easier. 

So, thank you so much for the past year and a half with The Mind Of Clint. Now, it’s time to venture into the next chapter of this website. 

I can’t wait to see everybody at The King’s Rights and I can’t wait to see where we all go with it. 

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‘The Truman Show’ Effect

It’s no secret that it’s not 1776 anymore. The culture of America and the world has changed since then, even it’s laws have been lost. Many of the youth are drifting from God and the majority of them don’t even know who John Locke was. They know the flaws of capitalism, but cannot express in any sort of detail what socialism actually is. Furthermore, people young and old have grown immune to the dangers of a large, over-stretched federal government and have accepted such a fate of an American dictatorship. Writing laws by executive actions are the normality of our existence. How come more questions about our past aren’t being asked? Why are the youth not rising up against the dangers of socialism and embracing the greatest economic platform in the history of mankind: capitalism? 

If you haven’t seen the movie, ‘The Truman Show‘, I highly recommend doing so. I won’t spoil the movie, if you haven’t, but there’s a line in the movie that stuck with me, again, as I watched it last night. The line is this: 

We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented.

Imagine being a young person today. We know we live with Freedom and Liberty, but because of this, we don’t know what it’s like to not have it. We see a president who wants to create laws by executive order. If he was elected, the people must trust him to make such actions, right? They say that without any knowledge of the America Revolution or the electoral college. What about higher taxes? Higher minimum wage? The country is in debt so we must pay for it some how and we all need to live some how as well… Again, this is spoken without knowledge of a country collapsing under its own debt and without knowledge of what life was like before the minimum wage was in place. On top of this, it shows the deafness of our young people because they do not know of what Karl Marx wrote while getting drunk and skipping classes as he wrote such plans in his manifesto. 

Is it their fault? Absolutely not. When I was growing up, I had in mind that what my parents and teachers were saying was gold. When somebody told me something different, they were a “stranger” and kids don’t talk to strangers. It wasn’t until I graduated from high school when I realized FDR was a failed president who did more harm than good. Calvin Coolidge? Who’s that? Karl Marx? He was that one Russian guy, right? What’s wrong with Communism anyways-if only the rich could give me some money! Because what my teachers and parents told me was considered gold in my eyes, I never questioned the reality that surrounded me. It was what I knew. I feel a lot of people are living this way. 

It’s okay to hate on Christians like Kim Davis because work and personal life should be separate. Yet, when a football quarterback brings personal life into his work, it’s called exercising his “Constitutional Right”. What??

“Minimum wage must be higher, right? I can’t live off of what it is now.” That’s the perception, when reality would say “if minimum wage did not exist, I would get paid by my skill level within that trade”. What if the president actually did his constitutional duty? Do we even know what his job is, anymore? Just read Article II, Section II of the Constitition. It’s not that long. It will take us 60 seconds to read it. How many will turn away from this? There are 12 million (so they say) illegal aliens in this country…’s now the new ‘norm’. This will never go away, until we have our “awakening”. 

While watching The Truman Show, I learned a lot of us will go day to day, living life like always. We will accept the “facts” and move on. However, some may “wake up”. I hope some of us do, just as I did with FDR. I learned he wasn’t the messiah I was told he was. I began to question other topics I once regarded as gold. I began to see the dangers of the ever-expanding government and it’s reach into our everyday lives. 

It can take a simple bit on the car radio. It can take 60 seconds to read Article II, Section II in the constitution. Or even something as simple as taking a closer look at our check stub to make that lightbulb go off in our heads. 

Let us no longer accept the reality of the world presented to us but let us, rather, question and learn from the world before us. 


Trump Leads Clinton, But Not Because Of Hillary’s Lies

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: principle always wins. Some places will say it’s because of Hillary’s Corruption and Lies with regards to the emails but let’s put the success where it belongs. 

Last week, Trump laid out his 10 point plan on immigration, which you can read my review of it here, and the bottom line was that I thought it was good. However, my question was, when will it “expire”, as some folks say? Trump flip-flops every other day, on some issues, it seems, so this idea isn’t something from thin air. That aside, the plan was very good, in my opinion. It was a conservative stance on an issue that, outside of the wall, he has been flaky on. From a former Ted Cruz supporter, that speech was one I have been craving to hear from Trump for quite sometime. 

Is it a mystery, then, that his polls suddenly shot up above Hillary yestetday? He finally has a something he can show to the conservative base, and after blaming them for the problems we are in, he needed to do something because I feel a lot of us are conservative at heart, we just don’t know it due to news bias and what-have-you. We all want to be free. Obviously. There’s more to this “being free”, though. We all want to be safe in our home whether we are by ourselves, or with our loved ones. We all want to have a rule of law. We all want to be equal with the law. If you’re driving down the road at the same speed as everybody else, you don’t expect to get a ticket. What happens if you do get a ticket? You feel singled out. It’s not fair.  It’s no surprise, then, that Trump is labeling himself as a “Law and Order” candidate. He reconizes this “feeling” that We The People have. It’s just sad that it took him this long to capitalize on it. 

Now, he has seemed like he had the “voice of the people”, or whatever, because he doesn’t seem afraid to say swear words while on the public stage. We The People have always known that the media was biased, Trump pointed out the obvious. We always knew the second amendment meant that we have the God given right to defend ourselves, Trump just pointed that out when he introduced his second-amendment stance last year. With that, he stated Hillary want to get rid of the amendment. He didn’t need to tell us, we all knew it, but he said it because there wasn’t a public voice that would…………if you don’t count Ted Cruz.

My point is, we haven’t heard much of this “feeling” from Trump in a while. It’s what we want to hear from him. Trump is leading in the recent polls because he taking a stance with a conservative approach. He, for the first time in a while, is acting like the president this country needs. 

That being said, Hillary isn’t helping herself with her lies and corruption with the emails. Perhaps, the democrats who feel left out should look at Jill Stein?


The Socialist Problem And Lazy Americans

It’s not our fault…only a little more than half of our faults. I did not vote for this president in 2008 or 2012. In 2008, I was 17 years old. In 2012, I voted for Romney, because I didn’t pay attention to the primaries as well as I should have. The people who did vote for Obama, though, were part of the problem. I say “were” because I don’t want to group the ones who don’t believe in “Yes We Can” anymore, into the same “Yes We Can” crowd that believes the Leftist Utopia will one day emerge out of the capitalist “greed”.

Here’s the fact: socialism breeds laziness. Capitalists have been saying this for what seems like forever. The proof? We actually have an argument going on in America, right now, saying there are “jobs Americans won’t do“. The left, and even some republicans, say this is why we need the illegal aliens (they say “immigrants”) in this country. If this isn’t proof enough for you, I don’t know what is. 

What about those without jobs? The ones who rely on the government to feed them with food stamps? Well, a study in 2012 says that in Obama’s first term, the amount of people relying on food stamps doubled to nearly 50 million individuals. The Americans don’t want to do work. Also, because of the socialist policies, there is no work and once people get on the welfare train, they don’t want to leave. Why don’t they want to leave? In states like Hawaii, the average welfare recipient gets paid over $60,000 per year. If that were a typical job, that would be nearly $30/hour. What kind of work can an individual just walk into that has a starting pay of $30/hour? I can’t think of any. 

Donald Trump, is being called racist for wanting to put the American first, although that can be an argument in itself, which I will discuss another day, but by placing the illegal aliens after the American people, by sending them back to their home country, that gives the American worker a slot that needs to be filled by a business. But, again, who will leave a stay at home “career” of $30/hour when they can get paid $10/hour at a local business? And you thought the surge of support of $15/hour was by coincidence? Who’s the one pushing for the pay increase? The socialist left. 

Now, I’m in favor of getting rid of the minimum wage. 

Why? Well, let’s talk about who doesn’t like the idea of getting rid of minimum wage. The reason why they don’t want to get rid of it, is because they don’t want to know what hard work is. They don’t want to know what “working for you money” actually means. When they get a job, they want to know what the set amount of work they will be payed will be. No matter how good or bad they work, they know they will be guaranteed a set amount of money for every hour they “work”. Well, what if we told them, if you were to put in a little bit of effort, you could actually make more money than your colleagues? 

If you were payed on how much your work ethic was, you would have companies fight for you. They would fight for your skill. Why? It’s because you would be making them money. If you make a company, say $30/hour, and you’re at a company that is paying you $11/hour, that other company could and would pay you more than what you are being paid now. Heck, they could pay you double and you’d still be making that company money. Imagine if that were the case?

Nope. Instead, we all want to get paid more for jobs that require little to no actual work to them. I’m sorry, but flipping burger patties is not a $15/hour job. If you expect to live on minimum wage, go out and get an education or work harder to get to that $15/hour job. 

Stop being lazy. 


The Trump Immigration Plan Review: Just Call Them Illegal Aliens Please

I understand the terminology because we are playing by the rules and with the language of the left, but this is Donald Trump we are talking about. He crafts his own rules, so why do we continue to call the illegal aliens that reside, illegally, in this country “immigrants”?

Yesterday, Trump gave his eagerly awaited immigration speech   

So, let’s break it down:

1: Build a Great Wall on the souther border between The USA and Mexico. 

We should’ve known. Oh, and Mexico will pay for it. It’s gonna be big (not “yuge”, just big), physical, strong and beautiful. It’s going to be build starting day one and it will have above and below ground sensors (for the tunnels) and Donald is (foolish, I think) saying that Mexico wants to help with this issue of illegals entering our country. They are the ones helping the people from Honduras and such get into this country. If they Tyrell wanted to help us, they would protect their own southern border. 

2: “Catch and Release” will end. 

The folks from Honduras and such, that make it to our country’s border illegally, will be detained and sent back to their respective countries where, frankly, they belong. 

3: “Zero tolerance for criminal aliens”. 

There’s that word. Donald mentioned that according to the government statistics, there are two million or more criminal aliens living in this country. I’m sorry, but if and alien comes here illegally, doesn’t that make you a criminal? We should have zero tolerance for every illegal alien. Either way, on day one, or the first hour, they will be gone. I don’t know how he’s going to muster up the local and state police, which he said he will work with, within the first hour of being elected, but he says he will. Is that as soon as he is done saying the oath? Usually presidents give speeches right after they take the oath…is the speech included in that “first hour”? 

Okay…I’m being picky but somebody has to have some fun with something that sounds nearly impossible, right?

Anyways, after tripling the ICE workforce, Trump says, during that busy first day, he will create a “special deportation task force” which will have the important job of departing the worst of the worst, basically. And then Donald makes a statement saying that that new force could deport Hillary Clinton. That doesn’t make sense to me…I get what’s he’s saying, but I think it’s like a joke that sounds really funny in your head, until you say it out loud and then you realize how stupid it was. His face right after that sentence was just that detailed expression. 

4: Block Funding For Sanctuary Cities

If a sanctuary city is just that, no more taxpayer money will go to them. Pretty basic. According to the Constitution, congress is the only “thing” that can create laws and rules regarding immigration. These sanctuary cities should be refunded and should be held accountable for the laws they are breaking. 

5: Cancel Unconstitutional Executive Orders and Enforce All Immigration Laws

Basically, the title of this bullet point is what it will do. Anybody who enters into this country illegally, is subject to deportation. 

6: The Suspention of Visas from countries or places where adequate screening cannot occur.  

I mean, yeah. This plan, so far seems like common sense to me. Which places does he mention? Syria and Libya were mentioned. You know, ISIS hotbeds? Hopefully the vetting process will work, which it should. It did in the past. 

7: We will order the countries in which the illegal aliens come from, to take them back. 

There actually countries, Donald said 23, that actually won’t take their criminals back after they have entered into our country illegally. Darn strait they will take them back. Where do they go if they can’t go back into their home country? Into your neighborhood. Yeah, that’s scary as all get out. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want my kids to be attacked as they play in the park or in their own backyard because of such a rule. 

8: We will complete the biometric tracking system 

The illegal aliens who have overstayed their visas, like two of the terrorists who flew the planes into the two towers on 9/11, will be tracked and deported. 

9: No more jobs and benefits for Illegal Aliens. 

E-Verify will be strengthened and expanded across the country to all businesses and those who are on welfare or abuse such laws, about 60% of illegal aliens, will be charged with “immediate removal”. 

10: Donald will reform legal immigration, to serve the American people and it’s workers. 

With the renegotiating of our trade laws and what have you, jobs will be brought back and the American worker can begin to work again…even though his tarrif plan will do more harm than good, he’s still preaching it. He mentions the immigration process will be helpful to those that seem the most likely to become self-sufficient and will contribute most to society. The amount of immigrants coming to this country, will remain constant with history. 

Ok. This Ten-Point-Plan is very good in my opinion. But, will it last? This plan comes after a week of flip-flops on this same issue. So, what should we believe? Where does Donald historically base his opinion off of? Well, we don’t know because he can’t seem to stay on focus with it. We will have to see when and as the debates come and go. 

The link is up top and I hope some of you guys followed along. I am excited by such rules because he went back to his RNC moniker: “law and order”. Will these steps pan out? Probably not. Most of these things are said to happen on day one and in hour one. So, we will see I guess but I am very weary of such a platform. It sounds good, but is it feasable? 

Rubio and McCain Win Primaries: What Next?

Well well well… What a victory for individuals who have done next to nothing while in office except act like a pair of conservatives when them want to get elected. 

Our beloved Constitution does not have term limits set in place for our senators. How could this be? Well, before the progressive movement ruined things a little more than 100 years ago, the people never voted on the senators. That job was held to the state legislatures. If a senator was doing a horrible job while in office, the state legislators could and would evict them from their position. What has Marco Rubio done while in office? Gang of 8? Forget about Obamacare? Yes actually, with both accounts. By doing this, he broke his oath to the American people and to the Law Of The Land. The same goes with McCain. 

No, I’m not questioning McCain’s time in war. Lets stop with this argument because it’s childish. I shouldn’t have to bring it up because it’s irrelevant but I know that some people will take this the wrong way. 

In six years, McCain and Rubio will be another failure and will once again get reelected due to the sudden conservatism that will swoop over them during the election season. Just as they did with Mitch McConnell in 2014, the people will buy into this sudden and quick awakening before being played like a fiddle. The promise of defunding Obamacare is a dream yet to be fulfilled, six years into this Marxist experiment. Yet, they own both the House and the Senate! They could get rid of it now! Why are they waiting? It’s not Obama, even though I guess that’s why they claim that’s why they are waiting. Do they need the presidency? It would not hurt but the answer is no. They seem to want it pretty bad, though. 

Why? So they can pass another $1 billion spending bill, the largest in US history? So they can ruin our grand children’s future by smothering them with debt? They said they would be conservative, while running. Yet, they act like Marxist when we want to be free thinkers and vote for somebody who will actually stand up for The Constitution. They tell us we must destroy a man who had a true platform and history of conservatism. We were told he was just a regular politician, when his history proves that statement false. While that’s a primary long passed, we are told there’s a man who will “build a wall” and we must get behind this man because he is our modern Reagan!

What’s the point of a wall if ‘they’ can come right back in?

While Trump may not like Rubio or McCain, they will still do what he says because they are spineless individuals who cave into progressive politics. Progressive politics is what Trump is. Some Trump folks reading this have already bought into the, ‘Trump is the new Reagan!’ crap. I say, Oh, really? Where does he stand on shrinking the size of government? What does he think of eminent domain? What does he think of the constitution? Where does he want Obamacare to end up? What’s his history when it comes to putting those policies into action? How has he proved himself on such issues? 

The answer: he hasn’t. 


I Climbed A Mountain Yesterday. 

So….no opinion piece today because I was 4,000 ft up with no cell data all day and I am beat. 
I’m sorry, but to compensate, here’s the view from the summit. 🙂

I am back, it’s just this little trip was planned. I’ll get back in the swing oft things the news for the next day. 🙂
God bless,